What's the point of the Rat Market now?

8000 must be the hard limit

Well I sold organza (312.5) and 25 reliquaries (312.5). So it’s certanly possible to get +30% profit on more than 400 Echos sold.

Sounds like you were under 400 when you made the second sale.

I’m sure all this will be figured out by next week

But that’s not new. You always had to bring your own empty mirrorcatch box to buy Irrigo light at the rat market.

Gant boxes, on the other hand, are sold prefilled at the rat market.
You are just mixing up things in your memory, but don’t worry… that’s normal when talking about Irrigo :wink:


According to the patch notes, the numbers were changed before release.

As a rough approximation, you get +30% up to 800€ of value of items sold, then +10% up to 1700€, then +0% up to 8000€


It may be a progressive decrease from +30% to +10% cause I noticed a short drop of value after selling more than 30something reliquaries (was 16.2 at the beginning, then something like 16.1 if I remember correctly).

As for the point of the Rat Market, I guess it will remain an alternative source for some rare items, which could be useful for some projets, such as Nomans if Tears are confirmed.

Grinds will not fully be defined by the Rat Market. By a quick and dirty calculation, you may generate around 140 actions x 5 echoes x 7 days, thus 4900 echoes per week, which is way past the 1700 echoes cap for 10% bonus.
So I guess existing grinds should be assesed first and foremost without the bonus, and those with items sellable to the Rat Market highlighted with 10-30% bonus.

So I would say that the Rat Market could be integrated in weekly grinds up to 1700e of sellable items. And then other grinds are to be considered.

Many grinds will need to be reevaluated though. Foremost in my mind are the favours (though they can still fit in the Rat Market cycle), and the Diplomat in the Khanate (what’s his point if he does not benefit from the zoological manias and you can no longer apply Rat Market bonus to his rewards…).


The diplomat still let’s you convert bone value to Khaganian Currency. Might be interesting to fund the big purchases from the Midnight Market, but probably not something that slots in a high tier grind, unless we see some new uses for the wares from the Midnight Market.


Wasn’t the rat market supposed to now offer every item for sale every week? I am still being limited by the wind and the moon.

What’s the point in the nerf if you still have to wait for the right weeks anyways?


I don’t hink so. There were two weeks before the change when it bought every item it could buy, but the items on sale were still random.
Now the items on sale are controlled by periodic seasons, and what they will buy from you is randomized (with each item lasting … two weeks?).