What is the best/fav Destiny and why?

I’m not sure if I can discuss this. if not, I’m sure The Masters Of The Bazzar will silence me. They have douvbtless done so before.

I’m just curious what your favorite Destiny is/which you consider to be the best, and why? What fate do you wish to decree for your future?

I wish I had recorded mine the day I got it. Now I have to take the right path and spend Nex AGAIN to get it in my journal, which I think unfair for it’s massive cost. DX
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Best not to spoil Fate-locked content, even behind spoiler tags - it’s against forum rules.

That said… I wouldn’t say any of the destinies are the ‘best’, because they’re all character-specific! I like the ones my characters got - Sir Frederick led a popular expedition to the Mountain of Light, suiting his scholarly and egalitarian nature; Hubris enthusiastically joined the journey on the Long Road, the ultimate outcome of his lust for power and prestige; Juniper took the Fate-locked option in the Castle of Forests, which cemented her character in my imagination; and Esther took part in the Liberation of Night - a frightening possible extension of her revolutionary beliefs.

Now, on the wiki there IS a list of possible Destinys…

Names and stats, nothing you couldn’t see if a person put it up on a mantlepiece…

but from that you can make some guess as to how to get them.

Frensus has the Backstage, which suits him, he’s a survivor, and likes his power to be more subtle than the greatness of the Road. It was a random choice and I had the fate to throw at it, but it worked out.
Clara has to choose a destiny, I’m not sure what would be best for her. She loves the Bazaar, and wants to be with it always. Could an expert on fate-locked destinies PM me with any that would suit that, because right now I’m thinking the Curator would be the one to pick from the non-fate options.

Passion! Because if you’re going to be a horrible person, then you may as well get some interesting story out of it.

There isn’t really a ‘best’ destiny narratively, a good ending for your character might be a shoddy ending to their story after all. Purely mechanically, though, there are still a couple actions that scale with your main traits even after you’re stat and gear capped. Depending on which ones you care about, that might affect what kind of destiny you want.

A watchful destiny makes it ever so slightly easier to grind very high levels of SotC, but you’ll still need a goat and/or a mood to reach the highest levels. It will also let you take A Buccaneering Approach to expeditions at 100% without an Ubergoat.

A shadowy destiny is worth a few more clues when you choose the forger on the A Visit card. There might be something else but I can’t think of it.

A persuasive destiny makes the One’s Public card easier, which will save you a few actions and/or smiles. It might make An Unlikely Garden easier too but I’m not actually sure if 3-5 points even matter there.

A dangerous destiny helps with both checks on the Listing Tower card, if you have that lodging. You’ll also make a little bit more wax catching frost moths at Watchmaker’s Hill, but that’s still not really a good use of your time by that point.

Personally, my favorite destiny is The Road. I mean, it’s got camels on it. That’s just my own judgment, though.

Actually, the chat options with your Acquaintances now all run off your base stat. Equipment won’t help anymore.

My main joined up with the Masters, which is undoubtedly the best destiny for her. The others are subject to change if there’s ever anything more appropriate, but Delmar sacrificed himself the way Seekers do, Madison vowed to destroy the Mountain of Light, and Gloria’s gonna do some Master-napping just to let him go later.

I’m considering buying fate to change my destiny to either Backstage or The Road. But I want to make sure I’m actually capable of getting those destinies.

Could someone PM me with info on how to get either destiny and also what the destinies are?

I’m fond of a certain long road, though my interests lie above, rather than below.

Becoming a Lorn-Fluke, because if you’re going to be bitter and prickly you might as well make it literal :P

EDIT: Also I am surprised nobody has claimed torment is the best destiny yet :P
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Torment is objectively, without any doubt, the best destiny.

On a related note, the word ‘best’ may take on multiple self-contradictory meanings for seekers.

I’m currently equivocating between keeping my destiny from last year (Liberation: Gleam) and switching to A Long Road: Gleam.

Obviously I don’t expect the game to keep track of two destinies at once, but I always saw those two as being somehow interrelated, especially after I finished the Nadir content. I’d interpret it as spilling what I know about the Liberation of Night to the Masters as a sort of ultimatuum; leave London and Earth alone or we’ll take you down with us.

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I hate my Destiny, but I don’t think changing it will help. I chose the one that seemed most in-character, and it really was… it also put me off anything to do with the Revolutionaries. In a big way.

If somebody here has taken the 10 fate choice in the mountain for destiny, I would hear it, I think I would spend on it, if I knew what it was.

(got my reply, and I’ve made the purchase, perhaps in the holidays I will buy a large pack and spend some nex… this felt… good.)
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Any of the ones that involve becoming an eldritch space bat, obviously. Soran has The Memory specifically, and it is just perfect, both for them and for me (if I could be granted any wish in real life, it would probably be to become a bat, so, yeah).

Zero, on the other hand, has Backstage, which is also pretty cool. It’s a very fitting outcome for that character, but also rather tragic; he’s outlived almost every person he’s ever cared about on the surface, and now he’s destined to outlive everyone he’s come to care about in London. But nothing lasts forever. Nothing but Zero (ha).

I should probably also mentioned my alts picked the Castle of forests curator destiny, mostly arbitrarily, because I couldn’t decide, and the Liberation of Night gloom destiny. Because I felt like I should do something different after two characters zealously avoiding any connection to it XP

I’m not sure I liked any of the destinies!

But I am satisfied enough with the one I chose - Appetite, which gives me a shadowy boost (my favourite stat from the beginning) and involves me eventually becoming rich, sneaky and powerful and filled with cider. I’m pretty sure Elnara would approve.

My character ended up Backstage. It seems a fitting end to the first chapter of a quest for secrets, in a world where knowledge is power. His dream is to use that knowledge to see London rise again one day, redeemed and free of the designs of the Masters and without the nihilism of the Revolutionaries.

I’ve read the text for the other destinies and my favourite piece of writing is The Oath though. I just don’t want London to end that way. Admittedly it would be a nice setup for a sequel…

I have The Memory, and I quite liked it. I try not to read a lot spoilers and just pick the choices that I would pick irl, without “preparing” to get a certain result.

… unfortunatly, I also forgot to put it in my journal. maybe one day I’ll think about paying fate to get it again and record it.

I will admit to somewhat “spoiling” myself on the wiki to pick Mathieu’s destiny, but I think it fits him [the Revelation, from the mountain. He’s mad on magnaminity; just the sort of person who’d throw open the gates on of the Garden if he got to them.]