what do you expect mr eaten's name to be?

Like, if you have to think of an ending, where he (or someone) reveals to you his name…
Will it be like &quotah btw, im charles, goodbye&quot?
What do you think the discovery will bring or imply?

i think that will be spoken in a correspondence way (so you’ll probably need SoTC, you know, to not burn) and for the writing i read some somewhere of a some kind of tattoo? maybe?

I don’t think it’s a name in the commonly understood sense. It’s more like radiation sickness or heroin addiction. You don’t learn it, you just suffer it.

Ok i might have gotten a stroke of genious (or maybe just a stroke, who knows?)

What if…

A master decides to walk among humans, but he needs a human body because, with all the stuff the bazaar is doing, the stars are angry at them too. He wants to teach humans the way of compassion, emphatizes of &quoteating his flash, drinking his blood&quot, but unfortunately they dont understand, and kill him. Of course this was just a puppet in the master hands, and after his &quotdeath&quot, he just disappears. After some centuries, inspired by the event, the priests of the second city want to taste the meat of a god. The masters need to oblige without tricks, so instead of using the human surrogate they let them eat Eaten himself. Who, other than this, is agreeing with a certain group of fighting nuns.
The name is jesus, he sacrifices himself for the second time because he was betrayed a second time.

Here’s my wonky theory. It contradicts existing lore, so there’s zero chance, but I would love to see it happen. The Name will ultimately be found in the south, in The Garden of Eaten. This would make the Name Satan, though it could be Adam or Eve.

I thought the Sacksmas content confirmed it was indeed Mr Candles? The masters change names all the time, though, so maybe that’s not its “true” name.

Taking into account various seasonal content (plus some of the destinies):

It seems that one of the things to which this is leading is for the player character to get Mr Eaten’s name tattooed on their arm, and then to sail to zea, cut of that arm as a sacrifice thus triggering some sort of… apocalyptic event about which I was never quite clear.

There was that answer some time ago in another fallen city, erm, town:


I believe the London name would be mr. candles, but every master was named in their own language, and Candles is a horribly simplified version of the true name, i expect, like the Khan of dreams before it (which, i believe, is also a consumed name).

Well, many of us already know what his name in the previous cities was. However, none of us know what any of the Masters’ true names actually are. I mean, they had different names for different cities, like the Kahn of Dreams in the fourth city. And, before they began working for the Bazaar, they were probably not named things like Mr. Fires and Mr. Wines.

For all we know they are really named things like Frank and Jeff. Or Vake.

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Honestly, I expect the writer to surprise us all about that, or to say something like “He tells you his Name. Now you know. You know the Name. You are the Name.” without explaining in details. And tout would suit my taste.

But if I have to guess what the name is like, I’d say probably some Correspondence-ish name with a conceptual meaning which can be understood in many ways. Something along the line of “the light at the edge of sleep”, maybe ?

“an emptiness” edited away forum posts in the beginning of public Seeking and now there’s a user of the same name created today? Spooooky.

There was a really good theory on the I’m a candle Tumblr a little while ago based on the revelation from Ambition: Nemesis that Masters have a correspondence symbol as a name. Of course, the truth is that if anyone happened to guess the name here it would certainly cease to ultimately be the name. I’m expecting the unexpected. But maybe that means it will be something that I actually expect! Gah! It’s a loop!


Part of the difficulty of finding out what corespondance symbol it is…

… the very word was scrubbed from reality by the ritual of the death.

My theory is that the Name is yours. All the sacrifice you make forcefully cuts a part of you and grafts it to Eaten (even conceptual ones). By completing the ritual you finally pour enough stats to appreciable Batty levels (I think their stats exceeds the 200 cap) and make Eaten finally rest in peace. Candles will be reborn, but it isn’t IT but rather it is you. The Masters will recognize this and welcome you among their ranks and help you claim your Chiropteran waifu er… I mean achieve a certain group of Destinies.

Hey, Mr. E already has 999 Watchful. Even with the most min-maxing and Notable overclocking I doubt any of us will achieve that.

Given that my Destiny reads: &quotYou will change beyond all understanding, but something of you will remain.&quot ?
It’s entirely possible you’re correct - at least as far as my character is concerned.

maybe his name was “betty”. bad joke, i know.