What did Lady Bones Road used to be?

In the Forgotten Quarter, it is hinted that Ladybones Road has–or had–an equivalent in real life London.

&quotAll these places had names on the surface. And then, one assumes, the names changed when the city fell, just as M--------e became Ladybones. But then now Londoners have given them names of their own. So, here, the Shuddering Stones. There, the Shadowed Dome. This must be the Fountain of Names. That might be the Holy Chasm.&quot

So, a street name ten letters long beginning with an M and ending in E. I am relatively unfamiliar with geography of real life London and my preliminary searches have turned up a blank. Any ideas as to the identity of Ladybones or the other mentioned landmarks?
edited by Greenstar54 on 7/21/2014

Ladybones is Marylebone. For other places see this Topic - http://community.failbettergames.com/topic5647-mapping-fallen-london--spoilers-of-a-sort.aspx