What are you grinding towards at the moment?

[quote=Cotton Dee]

Lastly I need some method of grinding Collated Research. I need 20 for my ambition, I have like 2.[/quote]
For the collated research I think the best is the Fidgeting writer. It’s luck-dependent but getting the collated research is only the third step, relatively easy, and one gets them two at the time.

I would convert items to get Collated Research - you need 100 Memories of Distant Shores to get 20 Collated Research. Of course things get more tricky if you are Unwelcome at the University as you also need a bribe of a Portfolio of Souls. So other methods might be easier.

I’m trying to get my reputation for honesty so that I can out the Masters in the affair of the box. It’s pretty painful, but I guess I’m earning a lot of Journals of Infamy when I fail.

Just go work on something else once you start and spam your friends with interview requests and you’re pretty much guaranteed to succeed

Just go work on something else once you start and spam your friends with interview requests and you’re pretty much guaranteed to succeed[/quote]

Sure, but I’d rather whiff on the challenges than make my friends hate me.

That said, I got there. Now to go make the Masters hate me. Again.

Correspondence Plaques, in preparation for a massive run on my Scholar of the Correspondence.

Also maybe a few weeks / a month away from an Ubergoat (I could have one now, but I’m damned if I’m selling my Fluke-Core, Master’s Blood, or Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book).

Courier’s Footprint and ~8,500 scraps.

4 more change points of pursuing a scheme. I have 50 Echoes, 20 connected Urchins, 500 candles, 10 sets of clothes and 10 sets of medicine. I’m gosh dang ready for this last card.

Enough Cellars of Wine to make the eventual Portly Sommelier conversions to M------ B----.

Zeel is grinding the storyline of the Fidgeting Writer. I am determined he will get ONE coruscating soul from it. Recently he lost 3 black lens and 2 last hopes in a row, so all my progress was gone. I’m now proceeding to get 40 glimpses before I continue.
Jass is grinding towards getting Advancing the Liberation of Night higher, because she doesn’t yet know what it truly entails and rather likes the Revolutionaries.

I’m gearing up for a trip to the Iron Republic, with excitement and trepidation. My knowledge of what to expect there is hazy, but I gather that I could be challenged on anything or everything. Tricky. So I’m aiming to reach every target that I’d already set for myself - capped stats, maximising my treasured connections and quirks - and I’ll chance it on other qualities I don’t care about so much.

The Iron Republic is a fun place, but not too dangerous when you get down to it. The challenges tend to be esoteric rather than stat-based, and most of the things it checks for make only a small difference on the outcome of the challenge. If you’re going there for ambitious purposes, though, I’d recommend getting a tentacle key first.

I am indeed drawn there by ambition as well as curiosity, and I do have a stone tentacle key. Much appreciated, thanks.

Krawald is working towards the Cave of the Nadir, needs a few more CP of archeologist, then a lot of pages of prelapsarian archeologiy research for supplies, and of course the skull, though I’ll be trying to get that one pretty late.
Loogan became a PoSI pretty recently, so he’s grinding for the usual POsI stuff, a gang of hoodlums, a boat, a spot with god’s editors…

Solomon Husher has just reached his 15th level of Orphanage Scheme!

I’m preparing my supplies and my brain for my first expedition to (into?) the Nadir.

Today I managed to obtain both my Laconic Prodigy AND my Overgoat today.

Now I have no idea what to do with my life.

What is a laconic prodigy?

A Fate-locked pet/companion, getting one also requires building up your Orphanage to a high enough level [

I got my zubmarine a bit ago and now I’m not even sure what to get. Possibly the other two 4 card lodgings, or stat capping watchful. And then goats.