What are you grinding towards at the moment?

I’m not talking about things like Hesperian Cider, unless you’re at that point in the game that you aren’t doing anything else except grind.

I myself am attempting to grind up 15 points in an Orphanage Scheme to acquire myself a young protege, as well as level up my persuasive to 200 to become a tier two POSI.

I actually have quite a few things to keep myself busy.

Decided to pick up a Premise at the Bazaar, so I’m going to be in the Flit for a while. After that, I still need five Comprehensive Bribes to try and get my Yacht, so I imagine that’s a good week or two of grinding honey out of Unfinished Business in Veilgarden. After that, I should probably work on building up Expedition Supplies to raise my Archeology score so that I can venture into the Cave of the Nadir. In between all that, I too am working on my Orphanage Scheme and raising Shadowy to become an Invisible Eminence. After all that, I imagine I’ll finally feel like venturing out to zee for the first time to track down the good Dr. Vaughn and also complete my Voyage of Scientific Discovery.

At the end of that very long process, I still have quite a few other things to chase after in London itself. So, in short, a lot.

I, too, have a lot to grind for.

Trying to get through the business at the University so I can find Flute Street. Once I’ve enjoyed myself there, I’m going to take the massive amount of Cryptic Clues I’ve built up (6500 or so already, going to probably hit 7000 before I’m done here) and convert and cross-convert them to Bazaar Permits for a Premises at the Bazaar. By my calcuations, I have just about enough. I will then obtain an Iron Republic Safe Conduct and perhaps my soul before that (it’s marginally easier to grind Counting the Days if I have my soul) and then try for the Screaming Map. Then, I need to head over to the Labyrinth of Tigers and attempt to dive deeper, as I’m barely scratching the surface. I wish to obtain a Bifurcated Owl.

My epic, grindy far-away goal is to become a Shattering Force.

Sir Frederick’s trying to get his Scholar of the Correspondence up - it’s been sitting in the low teens for a while and could do with a boost. Esther and Juniper are both working their way through general POSI content and aiming to max out their stats - that’s a while away yet. Hubris isn’t grinding for anything!

Having acquired an Overgoat and achieved Courier’s Footprint in the past couple months I’ve been trying to avoid anything too grindy (as end game grindy things go anyway). My next plan it to work on maxing a bunch of the random accomplishment type things, like master thief and fearsome duelist, that I can easily switch between. I may also make sure I have everything I can get from court and finally get myself banished. Maybe. It’s going to be hard to give up access to Life of the Mind when there aren’t any good equivalents floating around outside of court.

I have two major projects on the go right now. I’m trying to get my Orphanage up in order acquire a charmingly behatted prodigy. I’m also going for the goat. The Goat Farmer’s extension revealed that I could afford one if I sold literally everything I owned, so now I’m trying to build up enough items I’m actually willing to sell. I’ve been spending a lot of time alternating between the War of Assassins and the Box carousel.

Sara Hysaro is currently accumulating low level wines items. She just got up over 100,000 Greyfields 1879, and I’m trying to get up to 50,000 Greyfields 1882. She’s at 37,002 of the latter at the moment.

Madison Lavery is working on getting her “Advancing the Liberation of Night” quality up to 50 using mainly Mourning Candle conversions. The echoes accumulated in this endeavor will help her Orphanage.

Gloria Marie Valdez has 9 in each Newspaper quality, and is working on getting those up to 10. The profits will go towards buying an Overgoat.

Delmar Tramontane isn’t doing much of anything. I’m just having him run expeditions over and over again until I’ve recorded 500 results, and then he’ll go work in the Empress’ Court again. Only 81 runs left to go.

At the moment, Mathieu is simply building up supplies for the upcoming Feast of the Rose. Not motivated to shoot for anything more at the moment.

Right now I’m trying to get through converting my remaining 1,951 Tales of Terror in Senses of Deja Vu.
After I’m done, I’ll need to head to Polythreme to grind for Romantic Notions to turn into Visions of the Surface to turn those remaining Senses of Deja Vu into Glimpses of Something Larger.

I was hoping to be able to get to Polythreme and back before the Feast, but that doesn’t look likely.
I’ve been taking too many breaks to get Collections of Curiosities in Wilmot’s End every time the Tomb-Colonist card shows up.

While my end goal of Coruscating Souls is looking like it won’t happen until the end of the year, having small, attainable goals in-between is crucial to making sure I don’t get too burnt out on grinding.

Soran is mostly flitting between grinding supplies for the Feast of the Rose and playing with the Fisher Kings in the Flit in the slim hope that they might be able to sell their soul a third time before the winter’s out. And after the Feast is over, well… I guess it’s about time Soran started saving up for an Overgoat.

Zero is getting ready for a little trip over-zees, which at the moment entails waiting for TtH to roll around so I can grind Waking Waves back up to a safe level before I head out. After that, it’s off to Hunter’s Keep to get a thing, and then the Iron Republic to meet a guy. Should be fun.

Cairn is currently working towards their Gang of Hoodlums, and after that’s done I’ll probably just start grinding for Feast of the Rose supplies.

Goal List:

Ratwork Watch + Infernal Rifle + Kingscale Boots
Fluke-Core with a Fecund Amber leftover
Ubergoat (Higher Watchful helps the rest)
Scholar of the Correspondence (as high as I could get)
Impossible Theorem
Classic Short Story (maybe not, too chancy)
15 Notability -> Persuasive

If Heart’s Desire is updated I will do that first. Or some nice new people at the Feast. Don’t care about the Cider. The game doesn’t track it but I’ve never had a boat trip from start to now.

A Long Shot… but I might do it:
Replay Sliver Tree weakly shake fist at Emily St.Aubert and anyone else involved
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Current grinds:
Correspondence Plaques, so I can bump Scholar making use of the Mood card I’m sitting on, so I can get rid of that card and go to zee.
Money for the Overgoat.
Fisher Kings because I’ve sold my soul and want it back.
Mutton Island soon to grind Stormy Eyed from its current ~17 to 19 or so to see the God stuff.
Getting Notability back up after getting the 5 card lodging, eventually trading it for prize tokens to get the best knife, then building it back up to do 15 Notability -> Watchful.

Skulls for another Ray Drenched Cinder

Then I want to work on my connections

[li]While I wait for the Feast and the Heart’s Desire continuation, my main goal is to pump up certain of my connections (generally the ones that are difficult to get to high levels).
[li]Focussing on Criminals and Docks at the moment, because they are ones that are actually difficult. Criminals is difficult to advance beyond 50 without Fate - I’m at 62 at the moment and aiming for 100. Docks is slightly easier - there I’m currently at 88.
[li]This, of course, is against the background of the constant Scrap grind. 5669 at the moment - aiming to eventually have all of the top tier Relicker items!

A second Overgoat for Luke McMillan, and a first Overgoat for Polarimini :P
(in passing, I’m not that far from an impossible theorem for both, but I decided to go for the Overgoat for Polarimini to have the watchful boost to convert Incunabula into Enigmas, while for Luke I just want the Übergoat)

As Nile the constant Scrap grind is always there, I just got the Rumourmaster’s Network with Luke!

I wanted to add that I’m not a dedicated grinder, I pick a lot of opportunity cards that are at least decent (but not necessarily top for income) that give me different items here and there, and it happens that I get bored of doing the Box carousel and I look for other things as distraction.
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Current grinds for Mr.Lamperouge:

Grinding up Tales Of Mahogany hall and inklings of identity for two entirely different sets of goals: I want ToMH for the Saturday/Sunday night bill, I want 600 inklings of identity to convert to Books of Hidden Bodies.

Once that is done and clear, I’ll resume grinding Thefts Of Particular Character for Antique Mysteries, until my Shadowy is 100+. I’m aiming for about 50, to nab Reservation At The Royal Bethlehem.

Lastly I need some method of grinding Collated Research. I need 20 for my ambition, I have like 2.

I’m jumping back into that zubmarine grind - I tried once before when I was first getting a ship and didn’t realize the…herculean nature of the zubmarine mats. I have all the contraptions and diamonds I need, which I think is the worst part. Not sure what’s next.

I’ve only been in London since last summer, and have never enjoyed the Feast. What supplies should one get in preparation for it? Thanks!

Apparently, Intriguiging Gossip, Inklings of Identity, Prisoner’s Honey, Cryptic Clues, and Apalling secrets, according to the wiki. I missed it last year myself…

I just finished a massive series of grinds: POSI stuff for POSI, then War of Assassins for the materials for the Gang of Hoodlums, then Thefts in the Flit and item conversions for Bazaar permits to get the 4 card lodgings, then stuff for the Clay Sedan Chair and Parthenaeum, then Making Waves for the 3 points of Notability to get the five card lodgings. Then I went kind of loopy and felt compassion for the final Sacks, which cost me the ability to make a noman because I didn’t get any urchins visits for four solid weeks. Ah well. Compassion has its costs, as usual!

Now I’m alternating seeing new stuff with War of Assassins/Wilmot’s grinding Collections of Curiosities for whenever the Tomb Colonists show up. My goal is to have about ten collections in stock eventually, but so far Tomb Colonists have been showing up pretty often and cleaning me out.

Those echoes will probably eventually go to for BDR equipment pieces for the slots where I don’t have BDR yet. Whee!
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3,333,00 souls to be traded in for Hesperidean Cider.