What are you currently scheming?

What are you character’s deepest hopes and dreams–even those that are impossible?

For me, here’s a list in no particular order:

  1. Approach the Gates of the Garden as quickly as I can, for secret reasons.
  2. Build this d__n zubmarine and see something of the world.
  3. See the Barbed Wit again, someday…
  4. Get the Jewel Thief to stop pestering me with his oily moustachio and leering ways.
  5. Have a honey dream land me in the Empress’ court again, and cause all kinds of new scandal.
  6. Find out how to steal all Mr. Page’s books.
  7. Steal from the rich and give to the urchins and revolutionaries.
  8. Time travel to the First City.
  9. Deepen my acquaintance with the Clay Men.
  10. Become Stormy-Eyed.

A. Become Stormy-Eyed (as soon as that flippin’ card arrives)

B. Do something stupid and wasteful with lacre, because Seekers can do that.

C. Achieve 77 SMEN.

D. Be Eaten by a tattoo

E. Go North

(negative one - Become the greatest governor Port Carnelian has ever seen.)

That last one’s an odd tale. Remind me to tell it some time.

Good question! Let’s see… as for me, I’d like to:

  1. Reclaim my soul. I, a renowned detective, have been robbed. This case is personal.

  2. Get a Reservation at the Royal Beth. I hear they take eccentrics. I hope that includes me…

  3. Uncover Secrets Framed in Gold. That painting has been hanging there, taunting me, for too long.

  4. Investigate Flute Street. Someone once speculated that there is a connection between the Rubbery Men and the Correspondence…

And since we’re including impossible dreams…

  1. Return London to the surface, and ensure that all shall be well.
  1. Finish trading in souls to build an infernal contraption of brass for the distillation of Hesperidean Cider.

  2. Remember what the Nadir has caused me to forget, and return to 200 in all stats

  3. Reach 100 companions and pets

  1. Reclaim my bl__dy soul.

  2. Get myself a Blemmigan Secretary.

  3. Get the “Your very own bandages” renown: Tomb-Colonists item, since my character is, in fact, a Tomb-Colonist.

for Phryne: getting Tears of the Bazaar and a Long-Box via ToL

for Timmel: becoming a Monster-Hunter

for Eva: Scarlet Saint!
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Are you that close? I’m only at level 9 and wondering how long it will take … months? years?

  1. Get Dangerous to 200, finally, so all my stats are nice and even. Except Watchful which is 203, because why not.
  2. Reach the Mind of a Long-Dead God (currently at Stormy Eyed 10. Closer and closer…). And then get Stormy Eyed back, because I like having it.
  3. Obtain a V*** of M*****'s B****
  4. And yet, continue to push Connected: the Masters of the Bazaar. Preferably to at least 8. Currently at 5.
  5. Obtain ALL THE (not fate-locked) LODGINGS!!!1!1111!1 Still need to get a room at the Royal Bethlehem, a room at the Brass Embassy, a Dripstone-Snared Temple, a hole in the Old Newgate Cellars, and all the 5-card lodgings (need… taste of lacre…)
  6. Advance Ambition: Enigma.
  7. Uhhh I guess finally get Cider. And maybe a Goat. Eventually.

He’s going through a bit of a mid-life crisis right now, what with that scandal at the University, so his new priorities are still shaking out. Those I know of, however, are:

  1. Return to the University in academic triumph
  2. Join the Dilmun Club
  3. Acquire a vessel of his own and explore the Unterzee
  4. Add new items to his cabinet of curiosities
  5. Get to know the Duchess better
  6. Continue to hone his writing craft
  7. Discover the truth behind a long list of mysteries
    7a. Chiefly, fully understand the Correspondence, while retaining his sanity (it’s the little things)
  8. Rid London of the threat of Jack-of-Smiles
  9. Collect every variety of instrument known to the Neath
  10. Tend to this fascinating plant that’s made its home in his old cottage

In long-range terms, he has a few modest dreams:

  1. Stop the soul trade and shut down the Brass Embassy
  2. End the exploitation of the Clay Men
  3. Rid the Church of the corruption that has suffused it since the Fall
  4. Visit and properly document every nation of the Unterzee
  5. Discover the origins of the Bazaar, the nature of the Masters, and the terms of the five contracts
  6. Become immortal (because he doesn’t otherwise have time to finish his list)

As you see, he’s a man of limited ambition who really doesn’t like to cause a stir.

Long list, but here it is:

  1. All Fate stories and options
  2. Visit the Temple Club
  3. All results from boxed cat
  4. Overgoat
  5. Ubergoat
  6. Heptagoat
  7. Cider
  8. All 8 tier scrap items (12800)
  9. All 7 tier scrap items
  10. Rare pet card
  11. Bat with Attitude
  12. Mind of a God
  13. 77 x Detective cards
  14. 77 x Surprise packages
  15. 77 x Whirring Contraption
  16. 7 x Cryptobotanical Rosette
  17. 7 x Ray-Drenched Cinder
  18. 7 x M______B____'s
  19. 7 x Fluke-Core
  20. 7 x Impossible Theorem
  21. 1 x Crimson Book
  22. All lodgings
  23. 50 very shining diamonds
  24. Ravens, lots and lots of them! (7)
  25. Insane amount of an item (777,777 or 7m+)
  26. 77 x Counterfeit Head of John the Baptist
  27. Max stats (all at once)
  28. Notability 15
  29. Stat to 215
  30. All renown to 40+
  31. All connections to 321+
  32. Try all professions for 1 week (at least)
  33. Tournament of Lilies at least once
  34. Write one of each story
  35. 500,000 rats for wedding (500 rats for 10)
  36. Zailor to level 20
  37. SotC 21
  38. Cardinal of Conspiracy to 10 (newspaper)
  39. Prophet of the Gutter to 10 (newspaper)
  40. Defender of Truth to 10 (newspaper)
  41. Boatman to 40
  42. The Drownies 3
  43. SiC to 77
  44. ToT to 77
  45. All dreams 20+ (or max possible)
  46. Water dream to 77
  47. Ambition to it’s limit
  48. We don’t speak of it
  49. Master Connections 11+
  50. Successful Terms as Governor to 77 or 777
  51. Acq: Soldier, Forger, Singer, Functionary to 9
  52. Acquaintance: Silas the Showman (Sackmass)
  53. Acquaintance: the Heptagoat (Sackmass)
  54. Acquaintance: the Captivating Princess (Rose)
  55. Master Thief, A Fearsome Duellist, A Bringer of Death, A Procurer of Savage Beasts to their max limit
  56. Prepare for Parabolan Base-Camp
  57. Blemmigan Secretary
  58. Fidgeting Writer at least once
  59. A menace to an insane level
  60. Paramount Presence (not yet discovered)
  61. Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus, Touched by Fingerwork, Walking the Falling Cities, Approaching the Gates of the Garden to insane level
  62. Hellfarer to a high level (7 - 77)
  63. Adrift on a Sea of Misery to insane level
  64. Scheme: an Orphanage/Salon to 77

[quote=Monique Deja]
5. Have a honey dream land me in the Empress’ court again, and cause all kinds of new scandal. [/quote]

Do you not have access to the Empress’ court…? Oh, were you shunned from it because of scandal? (forgive me, I’m still a bit of a newbie :P )

Well, in no particular order, my main’s is:

  1. Get Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 2 so that I can f&*!%ing finally move on with making my name in the Flit
  2. Marry a Rubbery Man (or Woman. A Rubbery Person. Really it doesn’t matter.)
  3. Become a PoSI
  4. (Potentially) figure out a way to change my Ambition? I’m assuming that option is Fate-locked.
  5. Get better lodgings. I’ve been living in the Smokey Flophouse for waaaaaaay too long.
  6. Once I’ve done all I can with this character I will probably start Seeking.

For my alt:

  1. Rise high enough in my stats so that I don’t have to keep making OOC choices (like petty theft in Spite). I’ve only just started this new character so I’m still in Early Game.

4 is indeed fate locked, unless you chose light fingers.

Alas I did not. I chose Nemesis.

Well, if you’re willing to pay the Fate cost (50), this is not something you have to wait for an opportunity to do in game. You can go anytime to the Fate tab and choose Reset My Ambition.

  1. Acquire the goat to trump all other goats
  2. Cider it up
  3. Noman Tattoo
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To do list for 2017

-Chain the Bazaar to the Neath, destroy the Stone Pigs, do…something to the Masters and free the Neath from the Bazaar

-Liberate immortality

-After I get the eternity part, liberty and equality probably won’t be as hard as giving immortality to everyone.

-After I finish all that, I may get an Overgoat.

Did I say 2017? It may take a bit more, but it shouldn’t be such a long grind.

  1. Boost Dangerous very very very high to get the most out of cleaning snow xD

  2. Stop being poor

  3. Start doing expeditions

  4. Enjoy the Christmas

  5. Get many many many beetles!

[quote=The Master]To do list for 2017

-Chain the Bazaar to the Neath, destroy the Stone Pigs, do…something to the Masters and free the Neath from the Bazaar [/quote]

Oh dear it seems we have rather different motives. I intend to serve where the power lies. But to each his own :)

  1. Obtain all 5 card lodgings
  2. Figure out at least a little bit of Ambition: Enigma
  3. Raise Master Thief and Duelist qualities as high as I can go
  4. Become a monster hunter
  5. Get Scholar of the Correspondence to at least 10
  6. Get all dreams as high as I can and also become stormy-eyed
  7. Obtain a lovely yacht to sail the zee
  8. Raise Connected: Masters as high I can
  9. Perchance help the rubbery men and clay men with their struggles
  10. Raise all stats to 200
  11. Obtain a overgoat and if I’m feeling ambitious, a ubergoat
  12. Learn either a knock or a name

In game:

  1. Acquire more real estate.
  2. Get to the cap in my other 2 stats
  3. Impossible Theorem
  4. The most impressive hat collection in the Neath
  5. Acquire more rubbery items
  6. Zubmarine piracy!

Somewhat beyond the game:

  1. Get the Ambitious Barrister elected as Mayor
  2. Infernal Spouse
  3. Usurping the Bazaar (I am not concerned with the particulars)
  4. Discovering the history(?) of Parabola

Cider. I shall feed my possessions, my friends, my very soul to the presses. The smell permeates my clothes and haunts my dreams. I can feel the dirt of the garden on my finger tips. My heart beats like a drum. My mind is consumed by a single word. Cider.

I’m also Seeking the Name. But that’s on hold. Because Cider.