Welp cat won.


(seriously, congrats to the cat voters. I’m sad rubbery did not win but you all earned this. And despite my joke of putting the song there, legit excited for cats vs snakes. (: )
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I told myself that I would be happy if any of the candidates won, but I’m still bitter that my candidate never becomes mayor after my third year playing this game.

One day Rubbery Men…one day

I couldn’t bring myself to vote for her but I am interested in learning more about Parabola; cats and snakes. So congratulations to the Viscountess and her supporters.

First time I haven’t voted for the winning candidate but I’m just as happy for a cat mayor. Plus, F F says she’ll stop by my lab sometime!

And here I was, hoping to peacefully create bizarre alien art with squids. Guess I’ll just get drafted instead. In all seriousness, super excited to see more Parabolan content. I’m really hoping the Bloody-Handed Queen is involved.

I am so sad. I was absolutely certain my candidate(rubbery gentleman) would win this time.
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Most boring result of the three.

Congratulations, Viscountess supporters. If nothing else, she’s very pretty, even if I am fundamentally opposed to her agenda. But that’s been the case with Virginia and Feducci as well, so I’m starting to get used to being in the Neathy opposition.

Very disappointed and sad that the poor Rubberies have been overlooked again. I’m hoping the Entrepreneur can run again some day; the Jovial Contrarian did run twice, didn’t he?

I am starting to wonder whether my candidate of choice will ever win again though…That’s not been the case since Sinning Jenny!

I feel like the Entrepreneur’s candidacy was rather badly squandered this year. He had, when you get right down to it, the least exciting platform by far. Even if you like rubberies, for most people some rather vague stuff about making art is not going to be as interesting as fighting the fingerkings or resurrecting dinosaurs. And as if that wasn’t enough, his campaign was arguably portrayed in a worse light than the other two, and his election content was relatively lackluster next to what his opponents got. All in all it’s almost like they wanted him to lose.

I’m not saying there was a conspiracy, but …

&quotLondoners, in your unique and incomprehensible genius…&quot

Sounds like the Powers That Be didn’t expect kitty to win. That’s set the cat among the pigeons, hasn’t it?

I voted for her because she’s the most trustworthy. A scientist’s brain pulls them in a dozen directions. And who knows what those rubbery fellows really want. But with a cat, you always know where you stand.

This is an outrage! How can I sleep at night knowing our city is run by some vile feline?!

Look at my profile pic

&quotLondoners, in your unique and incomprehensible genius…&quot

I think that’s just Virginia. It’s a very Virginia thing to say.


You stand below them, with them looking down at you.

I am disappointed by the antipathy toward cats on this forum. This is the start of a glorious period for all of London. Sure, she might be a blood-thirsty warmonger who doesn’t care about human life, but aren’t all cats? In all seriousness, I’m happy for more Parabolan content. Oh, one last time for the road: Vote viscountess!

The Tentacled Entrepreneur didn’t have a chance from the moment the Nocturnal Landscape Artist showed up. I was very conflicted between cat and squid and ultimately it was that pompous artist that made me vote cat, despite my love for the rubbery men.

I am delighted by the civilized conduct of all of us! I mean, remembering past elections… this year was more of a delightful fete! Have we finally matured as a democratic body? Is the end near?

Eh. I still find Rubbery art more interesting than resurrecting dinosaurs. The latter just sounds like a Jurassic Park rehash. Whereas Rubbery art is genuinely novel. Still, would it really have been so bad for the Entrepreneur to run on a more straightforward program of promoting mutual understanding between Rubberies and non-Rubberies? I’m sure it would’ve made him more sympathetic to more people.

That being said, I have to agree with the fact that the Entrepreneur’s candidacy was squandered. When I saw that the lineup included both a Rubbery candidate and a feline candidate, I had the sinking feeling that the poor Entrepreneur was doomed. I love cats, and the only reason I didn’t vote for the Viscountess was her agenda of war. But if she’d had a different plan, I would’ve been hard-pressed to decide between the two. And I’m pretty sure cats are also more popular than Rubberies in the general player population as well.

tl;dr If they’d had the Entrepreneur up against two human candidates with a more straightforward program, I think he would’ve had a better chance.

[quote=Mulligan]&quotLondoners, in your unique and incomprehensible genius…&quot

I think that’s just Virginia. It’s a very Virginia thing to say.[/quote]

She does have a knack for the subtle cutting insult, doesn’t she?


You stand below them, with them looking down at you.[/quote]

(I have always wanted to say this in an appropriate context:) ) Well, I for one welcome our new feline overlord.
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