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Wouldn’t you agree? {because I need a question, right?}

I have question about breeding beasts for Labyrinth. Do I need to raise my Hunt before I go to, say, Tomb Colonies, or Zee, or will I have opportunity to do it there?
Also, what are the advantages of each option? I feel inclined to either Zee or Tomb Colonies, but I’d like to hear what others think!

For breeding beasts you actually raise qualities after capturing them.

What actually happens when you hit Nightmares 5? I tend to be pretty paranoid about my menaces, so I’ve never had the pleasure of finding out.

At Nightmares 5 I think more undiscardable Nightmares cards start appearing in your hand. It’s when it gets to 8 that things get properly funky. (i.e. you get sent to the madhouse/The Royal Bethlehem Hotel/a snake-filled mirrorland.)
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You get one card at 5 (which has a hard luck check to decrease nightmares) and 3 more at 6.

A merry gentleman will start visiting you at level 5 and, depending on your dream qualities, more cards will start pilling up at level 6. All of these cards are non-discardable.
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But the mirror marches are actually quite wonderful…

They certainly use up less dream qualities in escaping them than a trip to the Royal Beth does. (and I hate Is Someone There anyway, who wants to be possessed by a Snake that doesn’t exist anyway? I mean, really?)

Aaannnnnd now I know. Thanks, guys.

Though, IIRC, you don’t decide what beast you’re using beforehand, so if you have one beast you could pre-grind for another- assuming that the levels won’t be reset by where you’re going.

Do you not need to have a beast in hand to work the storylets for breeding? I thought you needed to not have a beast in hand to get a new beast for breeding, can you sell them to clear what beast you have or something tricky like that?

You choose what beast to breed after going through all the preparation. You can have more than one beast at a time, but you can’t sell them. I’m not sure if this gets reset when you go out to zee or not.
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Cool, thanks suinicide. For some reason I had it in my mind that capturing the plated seal required me to not be in the company of monsters. My bad, the correction is appreciated.

The Hunt is On! Certainly gets reset when you’re heading out to Zee. And you can’t even access the storylets for breeding unless you’ve one animal in hand (In the company of Monsters <= 1).

But it’s definitely possible to start off with the Hyena do all of the breeding steps for it and not cash it out until you’ve either the TC animal or the [Fate locked] option. Just don’t try doing that trick for the Plated Seal.

Wait, wait. I don’t follow now. I got plated seal, and am now in process in taming it. After I finish that, then it is breeding time, right?

You could, theoretically, have your taming for, say, a tomb-lion, pre-done, if you have a hyena and you raise the right qualities in advance. Breeding is, of course, last.

Ah, I see. Took me a moment to get it. Thank you!

@Parelle: I’m going to have to think about that for a bit. I must have conflated the loss of THIO when I set out for the Plated Seal with not being able to get a monster while in the company of monsters – though, frankly, I’ve no idea how my brain managed that feat as they seem unrelated to me. Anyway, best to get your info right, and I’m lamentably bad at knowing the mechanics of this game I love. So I owe you thanks, as usually seems to be the case.