Weekly Questions, Beginning 12/09/2016.

Why? When the slow response time will be fixed?
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We’re not sure why it went down, but I’m sure it’ll be up by tomorrow at the latest.

We do know why it went down: the jam lords.

Well, seems like a perfect time to share the story.

[quote=sosisqua]I’ve played for about 9 month and haven’t seen a single even of Particular Day in the Neath. Are they even active or long lost and forgotten?[/quote]That was an experiment from years ago, before Exceptional Stories were introduced.

Well, seems like a perfect time to share the story.[/quote]

I’m not even that upset about the site going down, because at least I got to read that magnificent piece of literature.

What is the most efficient way to get Cryptic Clues?

Efficient as in ‘fastest’ (i.e. least number of actions)? Buy them at the Bazaar.

Efficient as ‘least expensive’? That depends on your stats and position in the game. The best grindable late game way is probably via Unfinished Business in Spite (Eavesdropping) - it provides a random 1-120 CC per action.

There are also good sources which are card dependent. Here are some:

  • A strange sort of prank (via ‘The Neath’s Mysteries’ card) is a social action which provides 200 CC for both sender and receiver.[/li][li]Visit your acquaintance the Repentant Forger (via the ‘A Visit’ card) and dropping for a chat provides as many CC as your base Shadowy (which can be up to 200).[/li][li]There’s another card, which I unfortunately blanked out on the name, which provides a random amount of CC, in the range of 1-(your Watchful).
  • Visit the Repentant Forger offer base Shadow CC plus one Criminal Favour
  • Multiple options in the University. Help her out is best to grind Benthic and Summerset connections and gives 40 CC
  • Unfinished Business for 1-120
  • The Neaths Mysteries (lodgings)
  • Nevercold Brass card in Ladybones
  • Call In Favours in the Wolfstack Docks for 120 which cost 120 GG
  • Labyrinth of Tigers, Fourth Coil (think it’s Fourth)
  • The mechanics of progress for 1 up to mod Watchful value (great card!)
  • Flit 97+ Shadowy options, but amount is low
    There are other in Mahogany Hall, Hunter’s Keep and the list goes on. I read there’s a great on involving Tales of the University 9 and Raiding a Message drop, but haven’t tried these so can’t tell more.

Good luck!

Efficient, as in, I am broke and want the 4 card Bazaar lodging again after giving away all of my housing for a Candle, in as short a timeframe as reasonable for someone who does not have any of the items needed to trade for any of the three big housing units.

I am a POSI with max shadowy and watchful, and 180-ish base persuasive and dangerous. I finished the University and am welcome there, and not welcome in the Shuttered Palace. The Forger hates me because of a painting. I am purposely at Turncoat 4, to prevent myself from grinding past Empire Kingmaker 777, so the best money grind is off limits. I am not trading any of my 77777 Brass Slivers away.

I don’t care if it is grinding directly for clues, or for money that I would spend on it. Whichever is fastest.[li]
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Oh, just grind a bit to get a 3 card and do heists for TLS and convert those to Permits.
With 3 cards it’s best to get 2 Inside information or 1 would be enough if you have 10 Dreaded (and luck). For two you use Gang and the option which gives you a bundle and for one you just pick the option from the Topsy King painting theft and the Gang.
Good luck!

I got the Townhouse back already…

If you’re after the Bazaar lodgings, then why Cryptic Clues?
This lodging costs 80,000 Whispered Secrets (very expensive), or 50 Bazaar Permits (less expensive).

With max Shadowy and a Gang of Hoodlums, you can get 1 Bazaar Permit for every 10 actions, via Thefts of a Particular Character in the Flit.

What value of Running Battle should give me straightforward on ambushing the Big Rat and taking him alive?


I thought it wasn’t possible to seek the name without wanting to. But now after a particular dream car, I find myself &quotflirting with disaster&quot. Not pleased. How do I get out of this?
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Just wait for the first card to show up and click “This isn’t for me.”

Well, seems like a perfect time to share the story.[/quote]

Oh my god, that is the most brilliant thing I’ve read in a long time. I didn’t see that go down last year, not being a Twitter-er. Wow.

Well, seems like a perfect time to share the story.[/quote]

Oh my god, that is the most brilliant thing I’ve read in a long time. I didn’t see that go down last year, not being a Twitter-er. Wow.[/quote]
Is fallen london still being run on the servers of the jamlords? should I, as a loyal fan, be hoisting this on twitter in the general direction of zeninternet’s marketing? Do we have zeninternet to blame for the lack of internets?

There are non-seasonal repeatable ways to increase your Masters connection beyond 11, but they’re fate-locked. Hallowmas and Christmas are how I got mine up higher than that.