Weekly Questions, Beginning 10/06/2016

Here’s this week’s thread for quick questions - if there’s anything you need to pick our collective brains about, here’s the place for it!

I literally posted my question moments before previous topic was locked, so I will just repost it here:
Is there any way at all to sell or get rid of the pets/weapons I am not using?

Go to the Bazaar tab, you will see sell my things. That includes pets and weapons among other items.

That’s just the thing- I can’t see Goldfish or Grubby Kitten there, nor can I see Nodule of warm Amber. I can only sell stuff I bought from Bazaar

Cheerful Goldfish sell for 0.04p; but they are useful for nightmares and more so later in the game if you grow a certain plant or decide to spend Fate to open a certain story.
The Grubby Kitten is a connected pet and you can use the associated card to get rid if it.
Nodule of warm Amber can’t be sold but can be traded on the Rubbery card for a Favour and nodules of deep amber, which can be sold.
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Cheerful Goldfish sells back for four pence, the Grubby Kitten can’t be sold, but like other connected pets can be gotten rid of on their card, potentially allowing you to get a different one. Warm Amber can’t be sold at the Bazaar.

Ah, all right. I see. I really should look a bit more carefully before asking a stupid question. Thank you, both of you

There are no stupid questions :) If something isn’t clear please feel free to ask.

Is it possible to run multiple characters without using multiple e-mail addresses?

What is the best way for Non- POSI to gring Whispered Hints and Cryptic Clues? I am trying to get the SotC, and option with using WH and CC seems most reasonable to me, once I grind enough of them.

Probably Seeking Curios and Secrets in the Forgotten Quarter but you will quickly gain nightmares. There are ways to manage them but just in case make sure you have some Memories of Light to take you to the Mirror Marches not the Royal Beth if you value your dreams.

If, for some totally innocent reason, I was looking to reach Melancholy 12 (currently at 5), what are the uncapped options? Going off the wiki, it seems like a lot of things cap at 5. Is the Iron Republic the way to go?

You’ll want to get up to Melancholy 10 before doing this (I think you can do so in Hunter’s Keep?), but you can Warm your Bazaar Tears for a decent Melancholy boost. You won’t always lose the tears; people have said it’s a 1/5 chance for losing them. I just increased my Melancholy up to 12 just now, coincidentally.

Is the tomb colonies unlock information at 8 still accurate? I’ve just returned after being banished from the palace but arrived there with only 4 (it was a short trip…)

The palace has some options that just send you there, regardless of your scandal level.
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I know. I’ve been banished before. But this was the privy councillor/scandalous opera permanent banishment, and I understood that conferred scandal 8. (Not complaining, of course…)

What are the best ways to get searing enigmas, why, and how many actions do you expect it to take per enigma?

Probably stealing tales of terror in the flint, and just converting up. Or at least I’m pretty sure thats the only grindable one

[quote=Grenem]What are the best ways to get searing enigmas, why, and how many actions do you expect it to take per enigma?[/quote]They are a rare success for heists in the Flit (the Baseborn and whoever one); not sure how rare, am collecting data right now. They also appear in Expeditions and the Nadir, of course.

If you want something more repeatable–but still luck-based!–the Fidgeting Writer is generally more efficient than the University.

The heist success is probably close to the usual Rare success - I’ve gotten 10%, as in 2 out of 20 heists. However, the Touching Love Stories themselves have an Ariag as a Rare success on their conversion, which isn’t too shabby. It’s also possible to do a heist in a single candle if you time your deck carefully and have the correct gear/BDR.
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