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Here’s this week’s thread for quick questions that need answers! Can’t remember where the Lugubrious Newsman lives? Want to know the ideal source for grinding Squeaking Parcels? Here’s where to ask!

I was trying to buy some Gossip, so used the Implacable Detective’s Card to start a case, as it wouldn’t let me play chess with her without a case.

But now I can’t seem to get the option to play chess with her. What gives?

double-post - figured it out. Of course you have to use the second Detective’s card that you happen to have lying around. Well, good thing I had one.

It’s also good to know that Cat and Mouse is not actually time dependent, in that you can walk away from it and come back whenever you want. Wish I’d know that last time I was doing one of these.

What are the current best MW grinds?

Snips from this thread which you probably missed (check the last reply:P):
Oh, another useful one which I used is the Sardonic singer. Help her negotiate followed by An invitation to a rather exclusive soirée, if both challenges succeed, one can get 3 E and 3 MW for 2 AP. It does take some time to get her to level 9 and the Persuasive challenge is pretty high, but I found it useful. A rare success gets you to 5.5E and 10 MW for the same 2 AP.
If one is interested in the Echoes yielded/required, at a farm rate of 1.7 EPA, this option offers 1.342 MW/AP, ToT conversion is at 0.9469 and the short stories suggested by Mizadil are at 0.68.
The formula I used is: MW/AP w/E = MW/(AP*(1+(1-EPA/1.7)))

Lodging cards, using the same formula offer ~1.66 MW/AP w/E and, of course, the Saloon/Orphanage options, but the MW increase isn’t exact so can’t give you the numbers. Considering the Wiki information is right you have the following for Orphanage using Look after your Orphanage:
Graduation: 1.66 and rare 1.85
Reunite: 2.84 and alt 2.02
Conjurer: 1.53
Correspondent: 2.04
Midnighter: 3.52
All of these values represent the MW/AP taking into account the costs and AP required to gain the Es for them.
ToT! conversion is about 1.61 MW/AP if you don’t take the monetary part into account. I used this option as it offers the possibility to stop at an item and upgrade for the extra MW it offers.
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I’m having trouble gaining Favour: Criminals. At Renown 7, are opportunity cards the only options? The carnival option is gone already.

Yes, mate! Grinding Favours/Renown is supposed to be a slow and steady grind, but here’s a guide by Grenem with options not related to cards. You can always check the wiki page for the corresponding faction and see where you stand; there aren’t that many options so it doesn’t take that much reading and planning ahead.
EDIT: Again Dov beat me to it as I even forgot about the posts we both had on this matter! :D
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Favours: Criminals are actually the easiest Favours to grind, since there are many cards which provide them, if you have the right item/quality.

Here’s a list:

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Criminals is different than the other factions in which it’s easy to purchase companions to gain access more Favours through their opportunity cards. Both buying Ruthless Henchman and the Alluring Accomplice add cards, create a Gang of Hoodlums as a POSI, or you could marry the Jewel Thief.

The one other note is that you don’t want to use the one method mentioned on Grenen’s list! There’s no way to decrease your criminal record once you have one and eventually it’ll make it harder for you to leave prison.
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So basically just flipping cards waiting for the right RNG? You can’t be more active than that?

You can’t be more active, but you can prepare with the items and qualities I’ve mentioned above to increase the number of relevant such cards in your deck.

You can’t be more active, but you can prepare with the items and qualities I’ve mentioned above to increase the number of relevant such cards in your deck.[/quote]

Can’t say I’m happy with the mechanics but whatever and thanks.

Two other tips about card flipping for fun and profit:

  • Go to a location which doesn’t have its own opportunity cards - the Forbidden Quarter is my favorite
  • If you don’t mind the 3-card hand, you can also use a Remote Location to eliminate the common City Vices cards.

I’ve hit that point in Ambition: Nemesis that I need to seek out the Numismatrix. Wiki says it should be in Chat with Local Gossip but I don’t have the Numismatrix as an option. My Free From Surface Ties is A Citizen Below. Is there something I missed, did wrong, or is it something I get from an opportunity card?

Apologies if this is considered a spoiler too. I’ll edit and put a spoiler here if needed.

It’s from a Standard Frequency card, “The Numismatrix.” If you succeed on the “Tracking Down the Numismatrix” action on it, a Living Story will begin that will trigger you meeting her when it ends. Sorry, but I don’t recall how long that timer is.

But if you’re “Free of Surface Ties,” the option to talk to her via the Local Gossip should have been there. Would you check your qualities under your Profile for “Spending Secrets?” It should be under “Story” if I recall correctly.

My Spending Secrets is at 4. I think I had it at 15 at one point and it reset after I got a card. But I can’t recall which one. If it means raising Spending Secrets again than I’m ok with that.

Ah, then to talk with her, you need to get &quotCounting the Days&quot up to 14 to get the card &quotSecrets and Spending&quot to appear in your deck again.
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AH. That’s why then. Counting the Days is at 2 for me. Thank you so much for your help.

Can someone confirm that there is a way to leave the Royal Bethlehem for the Mirror Marshes? And is it a card or a storylet?

This came up recently. http://community.failbettergames.com/topic22633-confused-about-a-state-of-confusion.aspx so there is a way but it is fate-locked.