Weekly Fallen London Questions, 30/11/2020

The Twelve Days of Sacksmas coincide with the Twelve Days of Christmas. The first card will become available on the 25th or 26th (forget which one). The last card becomes available, and Penstock’s opens, on the 5th or 6th of January. It them stays open through the end of January, more or less.

The Urchins handing out pails of snow is more variable. Not sure on that one, sometime within the next week maybe?

[quote=Robin Alexander]Is anyone else’s Time the Healer very late or absent?

I had some trouble accessing the game this morning (both mobile and desktop), for about an hour, and I’m wondering if it’s connected somehow, but I’m fairly certain my TtH is always early on a Saturday and don’t recall having seen it at all.[/quote]
One of my characters received Time the Healer at around the regular time on Saturday morning (Aus eastern time) but the other is currently 36 hours overdue. Not unprecedented I know but unusually late in my experience.

im aware this is a bit off topic but the login is refusing to let me in and when i tried to reset my password(thought that was the problem…) it said error code 500… so im currently locked out and unable to play…
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It will be back soon
UPDATE: Server is live.
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