Weekly Fallen London Questions, 30/11/2020

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!


Asking again, does anyone have the full echo for this? Missed it due to snagging a False Justificande during my Ambition.

Are we expecting to discover a use for a second Clandestine Candle?

Shouldn’t that depend on how good you are at finding clandestine things? ;)

Guys, I think my game is bugged. I read in the wiki that you can get an old artist friend to help you in your lab but, when I looked in my game, the option wasn’t there. Am I doing something wrong? Or has this happened already to someone? Is there a solution?

According to the wiki his availibility is linked to the ‘An Admirer of Art’ quality. I really don’t remember how to get that quality, in fact I remember almost nothing about him. Haven’t seen him in years. I don’t have him as an option in my lab either. Whatever happened between us I do not recall, but it seems the two of us are not close.

If you don’t have any &quotAn Admirer of Art&quot and you have no &quotSeduction: Artist&quot then you can (re)start your acquaintance with the &quotSeduce a Struggling Artist&quot option under the &quotThe Singing Mandrake&quot storylet at the &quotThe Singing Mandrake&quot location. Unlike the model and the jewel thief there’s no bitter parting quality and I don’t believe it’s possible to lock yourself out permanently.

New wardrobe expansions in your lodgings! Plus treats for Nemisis folks! Happy Sackmas!

Do those options for removing lodging cards from the deck exist for every lodgings?

Thank you very much Dagforth.

I’m trying to go down to 0 Bizarre, Dreadful, and Respectable, which is . . . difficult anyway, but it’s more so when the game insists I have 1 default Bizarre, despite nothing at all being equipped in my possessions with a Bizarre modifier.

Is there anything that would cause a point of Bizarre that wouldn’t show in the Possessions section?

Do you have any tattoos?

It’s a Millicent’s tattoo, usually.

Go to the Dome of Scales. There you can upgrade verious pets to have anti-BDR stats, precisely for this.

Ah, poop . . .

Yeah, I have two tattoos. Thanks, guys! I’d forgot about those, as even finding the quality doesn’t state that they give stat changes . . . I’ll have to get them removed at the next festival, which I half-remember being an option, as the only thing that give huge minuses are companions, and no matter how much I juggle all my other items -? I’m always left with 1 respectable and 1 bizarre.

I mean, it might be doable with some wiki research to get them all to 0, but I think the tattoo is screwing me over, for sure.

Be sure to check out the Bazaar Sidestreets and the Viric Jungle for -BDR clothing and gloves!
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If you get a goldfish posessed by a Fingerking, that reduces all three BDR stats by 4 (not exactly sure why, lore-wise). I think it’s one of the things you can get in the Dome of Scales, forgot where I actually got it (that happens a lot).

I forgot - which Master likes Fungal Paté?

I think you make a Flambé with the Pâté. Burning things down is for Mr Fires.

I think you make a Flambé with the Pâté. Burning things down is for Mr Fires.[/quote]

Ahhhh, thanks.

I manged to get Renown: Hell 40 and 7 Favours and therefore think about visiting the Iron Republic. I have a Ship and the Safe-Conduct.
Without going to deep into spoilers, are there any more preperations I should do (except making sure I have enough MW for the next Time the Healer) or special things I should know or be aware of?