Weekly Fallen London Questions, 30/05/2022

Welcome to the new forums, folks! Here’s this week’s thread for any Fallen London questions you have. :smiley:

I don’t quite understand the behaviour of “pinned” threads. They don’t seem to stay at the top?

I’m new to this system too, but I believe the idea is that, once you’ve seen the pinned thread once, it unpins itself for you - but, you can click the pin icon to re-pin it if you want to keep it around. Also, if you go to the search page, you can filter for pinned post to get a lists of all of them.

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There seems to be an option under each user’s individual preferences whether pinned threads should unpin whether you reach the bottom, or stay pinned. I wonder if it’s possible for the admins to set this so that “pinned threads stay pinned” is the default pre-selected option for new users?


Additionally, it looks like you need to be in the pinned thread’s category in order for it to appear pinned to the top. I have my preferences set to keep threads pinned after reading, and this is what the top of the forum list looks like currently when I haven’t selected a category:


And here’s what it looks like when I select the Fallen London category:

Even in the old forums, pinned threads were not at the top when you were looking at the latest posts. And why should they be? How would you know if they had new posts if they were at the top of Latest whether they did or not?

I wasn’t really suggesting it should be changed, just passing on info that it took me a few minutes to work out yesterday while getting used to navigating the new setup.


These new forum changes frighten and confuse me!

Wait… Sorry, that wasn’t a question.

These new forum changes frighten and confuse me?