Weekly Fallen London Questions, 29/06/2020

Here’s this week’s questions thread!

Will “Call in favours in the Flit” ever become a pinned storylet instead of a card, especially now that it also has an option to get arms for your skeletons? It’s super annoying to have to camp out in the Flit all the time, particularly with the new map making it a pain to travel anywhere.

If it does, expect its rewards to be re-balanced sooner or later. I don’t want that. Cashing in Revolutionaries favours through that card’s current rewards is hella profitable, and the Urchins option give out the scraps better than most other cards that do.

Also, the Human Arms don’t do much now; they don’t give a lot of value to the skeleton. The only reason that you want to use them is that you want to reduce the Menace from using a Thorned Ribcage, which means that you want to sell it to the Grandma for Incisive Observations. You can get Incisive Observations through other easier means anyway, like repeatedly presenting the Storm-bird to the Fingerkings.

The new map is a lot less of a pain if you turn on compatibility mode. That really should be the default.

It still sacrifices old-map ease of use for prettiness, but it’s a better trade.

What are the advantages of the lab assistants you can get from Mr Chimes’ Lost & Found?

It sure is. I’ve had four cards that each grant a revolutionary favor sitting in my hand for three days now, because I want to play them but I have to wait for a way to cash in the favors to randomly appear. :-/

I literally never draw cards outside of the Flit and “special” zones like the lab and Bone Market. It’s a waste of a chance to draw the precious Call in Favours card.

I think someone has been practicing the Red Science…

Since the Election is coming up, I was wondering how players with alts handle the event. Is it ethical or even allowed to have two accounts participate and vote? Would it be more acceptable if both vote for a different candidate? I was planning on doing the later anyway for roleplaying reasons, but I want to know if that sort of thing is frowned upon.

A fair few people play the game for story and role-playing. As far as I know, the only thing that’s frowned on re. alts is using them to create financial or unfair advantage (the former in relation to free fate points, though I believe that has been shut down – older members would know more). But I can’t see any ethical issue with having different alts support different candidates (and gain the appropriate free stuff), since there is no way to load it all on a single character to their advantage. And you get to see all the text associated with the different candidates.

People clearly play through ES with more than one character to play all the variants, that is quite evident from the respective ES threads, where different results are posted in a non-spoilerish way. I would imagine FB are happy that people are so fascinated by the world that they want to experience its facets via a range of characters (some EF, some not).

I have a main and a seeking alt and I just have them vote for whatever is in character. Making a lot of alts just to influence the election would be spammy, but if your alts are legitimate characters, it should be OK. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter wrt game mechanics which character wins; the last few years it’s always a card that has one or two Favour options and an option with an item reward that’s worth less than 2 Echoes.

&quotEthical&quot. Hah. Hah-hah. Ha-ha-ha-ha-haha-hah. -Snort-

I play this game for its deliciously complex resource management and its witty writing. I use multiple characters for that, and I had them back different candidates in the past just so that I can see every content.

I don’t care much for whoever wins, because ultimately, I only hold as many votes and clout as my characters hold - and they are just some among many.

Besides, whoever wins, we will be getting content about what they do next - including for Regular-ass Free-loading Friends. For one, Virginia’s spa venture is now content that is visible to more than just Exceptional Friends.

I was wondering, and i can’t seem to garner this from the wiki, how do i unlock the lab research that upgrades my monstrous anatomy limit?

First you need to be at the current limit (5). After that, I believe the requirements are 500 goldfish and 3 focused albatrosses to get it to six, then three storm birds to get it to 7.

Thanks, all. I figured that it wasn’t a problem to have both of my characters vote since they’ll be cancelling each other out, but I didn’t want to negatively impact the game even though it’s not really PVP.

Afternoon Ladies, Gentlemen, and those of more mercurial disposition.

As a fairly new arrival to Neath, I have been embroiled with the Last Constable to bring down the Cheery Man. After discovering a twist in the case my over eager imagination decided to switch the case and try to gain inside information from the Cheery Man. Apparently this was a less than ideal move and gained my a menace of 2 Turncoat.

Is there anyway to remove this? I cannot find anything under Social Engagements or apothecary items. I have since escorted the Last Constable to safety however I still have the Turncoat stats.

As an aside, I am also accepting calling cards to expand my below-earthly associations and invitations.


Later, possibly much later, there is a Carousel in Spite, at the end of which it’s possible to reset A Turncoat. Mechanically this &quotmenace&quot doesn’t have any effect until that point so you are safe to ignore it, although I suppose it might be annoying seeing it constantly there in the sidebar.

The wiki has very helpful details, but of course spoilers:
All you ever wanted to know, and more! https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/A_Turncoat
Reset options on https://fallenlondon.fandom.com/wiki/The_Traitor%27s_Feast → Paying the […] dues

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Ahhh, well very much appreciated. Thank you for the information. I am attempting to play without relying too much on the wiki to see what my natural progression would produce. However, as obviously already illustrated that may not be the wisest course of action!

Thank you again for the insight and the answer.

“The Next Stretch of Track” no longer tells me how much of a resource I need when I don’t have enough of it. Is this intentional, or just a bug?

I think you can’t see what the next stretch of track costs until you survey the terrain. Surveying, of course, has to wait for the next board meeting.