Weekly Fallen London Questions, 29/01/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for any Fallen London questions you’d like answered!

After this whole Noman process, I think I’d very much like to raise my Quirks again. If I’m reading the wiki correctly, the best way to do that would be to eat various versions of Parabolan Oranges Tapenade. Am I mistaken?

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Does anyone know what the hell he meant by this?? “It’s spoilers” and/or “you’ll find out eventually” are completely fine responses, I just feel like I am supposed to know. If I’m not, then I’d appreciate not getting spoilers. Thanks in advance.

Is there an optimum location from which to zail to Gaider’s Mourn? I seem to be drowning a lot.

Nope. You just need stats high enough to pass the checks in the snares.

The stats are fine and I pass the checks, the troubled waters still skyrocket. I suppose I need to lower the pirate colours.

You might need to intentionally choose options that don’t give you troubled waters.

I haven’t really ever had this problem and am at a loss for why that would happen; I pretty much never lower my corsair’s colors whike going there.

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The only times I can think of that I sank while around the Mourn were when I was coming from a non-Troubled Water resetting location, and I got greedy by corsairing. Other than that, avoid corsairing options on cards, or get lucky and draw non-menaces increasing cards (like the Lighthouse or the Admiralty’s Vessel).


So, a couple of things:

1-How, exactly, do I have a breakthrough in my ApoC skill? I’m working towards reaching level 8 of it right now for story reasons, so I need all the help I can get with it.

2-speaking of that, can you even naturally raise a special Skil beyond level 7, or do you always need equipment which gives that skill?

Thank you in advance!

You can get A Player’s Studies on the chessboard as listed here, but even then you can only ever raise your stat to a cap of 7.

I know you’re doing Heart’s Desire; that gives you access to a weapon later in the ambition that gives you +1, or if you have the Sun-Seared Silken Gloves from Fruits of the Zee those were also free this past year.

If you don’t have the gloves and can’t get to the Bestiary soon, your next best bet would probably be Your Name in F.F. Gebrant’s Address Book, available for an Oneiric Pearl from February 22-29th in the Waswoods.

You could also temporarily career change to Midnighter for the Shrine of St. Joshua.

Unfortunately most A Player of Chess items are event locked, fate locked, or both. There WILL be several companions available that can raise it next week, but they are, unfortunately, fate locked.


Okay, thank you! Unfortunately I want to finish evolution before I continue my ambition, so I’ll probably just get the f.f. gebrant item. Thank you again, buddy.

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Hello all,

I beg your pardon in advance - I’m a newbie in this game: I’m a bit lost trying to start my first Voyage of Scientific Discovery. I did the preparations in my Lodging and finally pushed the button to start the voyage, and I found myself … still in my Lodging. I thought I should be sent directly on my ship, or something like that, in order to start, perhaps I missed/misread some instruction but I can’t find how to progress. Btw, I see I have the story attribute “Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery 3 - Off into the Unknown”, but I feel a bit “grounded” instead :slight_smile:

I’d only like to know whether I have just to be patient and wait for something to happen - like a card - or how to restart the process of the Voyage, or I have to look around more carefully 'cause it is somewhere else.

Thanks in advance

Nope! You’ll need to head to your ship in Wolfstack Docks!

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You just need to travel to Wolfstack Docks, board your own ship, and set course for one of three new islands (Corpsecage, Bullbone or Grunting Fen) where you can conduct a scientific expedition.

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Thanks a whole lot!
I should have thought so. All right, now Zee-Ho!

Does anyone have a good way to gain nightmares in your parabolan base camp?

Track a ferocious Animal of Parabola, then fail repeatedly to Push Onwards.

Or train Mithridacy in the Waswood, failing to compose corrective and revisionist narratives.


Thanks, dude.



That was pretty much the pattern – careless about port from which I departed and greeeed. Thanks for the responses!