Weekly Fallen London Questions, 27/11/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!

so, i have a question: i have recently reached notability 5(harray!), and, as my Persuasive will reach a natural 200 soon, i am prepring for the upgrade to a reputition of some importence-how ever, i am uncertein of if said upgrade will consume my notability and return me to 0-and, if so, what that will do to my profession. if my profession is the type that requires 5 notability(what are thouse called? i dont seem able to recall), will i be…fired, i guess? many thanks to all who answer.

p.s: yes, my english is not the best, i am aware. it’s not my first language.

I believe (going from memory on this, so not 100% sure it’s correct) the Notability requirement for a profession is only to join the profession-- it should have no effect on whether you stay in that profession.

well, that’s great! does the POSI upgrade drain your notability, tho?

Indeed it does. Do you have access to a reliable source of Making Waves?

creative projects in the empress’s court, accuiring parabola-linin from the spider philosophers and using it in the “home in the marshses” card, charity with the soft-hearted widow, the thing where you secrefice a faveor in high places on the rooftop shack card, and i have a friend that lets me invite him to dante’s grill. that’s it, more or less.

Can you set up a Salon? Alternatively, do you have enough items to just go through the cross-conversion carousel until you have enough Making Waves to get a sixth point of Notability?

1-i might. dont know how to do that. 2-i dont have the glim shards and the parabola-linin scrap, but i do have quite alot of fav’s in high places, so i could do it with a liitle grinding.

You can check what you need to set up a Salon.
I don’t think we’re talking about the same carousel.

In general, there is a guide about how to go about getting some Making Waves.

1-oh, excuse me for the misunderstanding 2-thank you for that! i actually struggle quite alot with making waves, so your help is appriceted. thank you for the links, too.

I remember somewhere there was a thread for people to give and receive Eyeless Skulls, is that still floating around somewhere? (or does someone have an eyeless skull they’d like to give to everonthatcher lol)

Possibly this?

The irony of this post is delicious!


I’m just bad at formatting and messed up but yeah it’s kinda funny ngl

me right now:


of course, I’m assuming it’s pages, but who else talks like that?


I think of your circumstances are favorable you can get this message more reliable

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oh! i…actually did not know that! thanks, human!