Weekly Fallen London Questions, 25/03/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for any Fallen London questions you might want answers to.

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I have the sinking feeling my TtH has… not showed up. Nor my gift from Balmoral.
Is that… expected?

Are you U.S.American? Because daylight’s saving could be changing your expected time if so.

Same for me. I was waiting for my gift from Balmoral this evening, but got nothing. My alt didn’t receive the gift either, but her today’s TtH arrived on time (morning).

No, and it’s not a matter of a couple of hours at this point. More like eight hours or so.

Maybe give it a few hours or so.
While usually reliable, it does happen from time to time (pun intended) that TtH is a bit late.
Mine was on time this week, but over the years my time for TtH has changed quite a few times. In total over a week I think. Like originally it was on a Tuesday then it jumped to a Wednesday at some point, later to Saturday and now I am on a Wednesday again.

If it does not appear tomorrow and there is no official statement, maybe ask support. But I wouldn’t worry. The servers work in mysterious ways sometimes.

You can check when Time the Healer should show up by clicking on your account button.

As for Balmoral that is 7 days after you last picked up your gift so check your message tab.

I was getting the server error page for a while yesterday so maybe things have been delayed.

Yes, I do know that, thank you very much.

As for what the account page shows:
Capture d'écran 2024-03-28 105228

Edit: and of course, it arrives now. Oh well.

Edit: Now to see when the Balmoral Gift will remember it’s a thing.

Last message about "“Things change in Balmoral…” was 7+ days ago. Because of that quality ‘A Gift from Balmoral’ is still present in “myself” tab (for me and my alt), which blocks recieving another gift. The same is for the boon “An Epistemologically Flexible Approach to Historiography” - it still present in my inventory

Wasn’t that, I tend to clean my inbox, so I didn’t have either message.

Edit: And now I got my Balmoral Gift.

Edit: final addition to this, that’s what it now says
Capture d'écran 2024-03-28 124158

If you think the change from 13 to 14 is suspicious, look at the time zone. It changed from +1 to +2. Europe will have DST change this sunday, so all (european) times will optically have an hour added.

I think the fact I got it on a Thursday when I should have gotten it on a Wednesday, and that the next will still be on a Wednesday, is suspicious.

Oh ho. I might have misjudged which day of the week it is.

I’m currently trying to increase the Liberationists’ standing in the TLC, so I’m in dire need of resources to obtain the item to process Distillation of Retribution. Specifically, I require Bazaar Permits, Comprehensive Bribes, Blackmail Material, and Legal Documents. What would you say is the quickest means of obtaining each of these? If nothing else, I was going to use plunder from piracy to buy Cave-Aged Codes of Honour for the Legal Documents.

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Well, you can get legal documents by playing the game at willmots end- that’s what I do-and I myself just asked about comphrensive bribes in last week’s weekly questions so you can check that. Bazzar permits… don’t know, honestly! Blackmail metarial I get from the “the tinniest of classified advertisements” on the “wanted: remainders of brighter days” card(although admittedly that one is quite luck dependent). That’s all I can offer-i hope it helps!

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(Disclaimer: Early Railroad player here. I’ve done my best to cross-reference my personal methods against the wiki, but it’s always possible that I’ve overlooked an option that’s closed to me but open to you!)

You can get Legal Documents from hunting bees at Old Newgate, in the University. Trade 100 bees for a Cave-Aged Code of Honour and sell it. It’s 4 actions to catch enough bees (assuming you’re using the easy-for-an-endgame-player +25 actions) and 2 to enter/cash out, iirc, so that’s 6 actions for each document? Unsure how that compares to piracy, especially since you can do the latter while incidentally traveling to places across the Zee. Wiki also says you can get 2 Documents for 6 actions in the Evenlode if you’re willing to spend 25 Dubious Testimonies.

For Comprehensive Bribes, I use Parabola for that - Viric Jungle, assist the sculptress, raise intensity to 7, cash out with “His Amused Lordship as a historical figure.” I don’t remember how many actions that was, but it wasn’t terrible when using Sightings (which get partially refunded anyway). Again, the wiki says you can get these at a better rate in the Evenlode if you’re willing to spend resources.

Blackmail Material is something I’ve just accumulated in the background, but the wiki claims you can get one for every 7 actions in Underclay. If you can pass a base 7 KataTox check (12 to 100%), slight your friends, ask them to send the poisoner after you, and choose to metabolize the poison. Wiki says that these can be bought in the Rat Market and made in Khan’s Heart.

Bazaar Permits, I tend to steal in the Flit, but it takes forever to build the casing. I imagine there are better options open for later Railroad players - I don’t have the context to understand the costs of these, so I’ll leave you with the wiki’s suggestions.

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I’ve been trying to find where the “stashed treasure” levels from piracy can be found (at times other than when you’ve just landed somewhere) – anybody know?

The best way, assuming you’re post Balmoral, would in my opinion be thefts in the flit for permits, visit dreaming for bribes, the khanate for blackmail (ridiculously easy compared to the other good sources and let’s you stash more treasure), and piracy for legal documents through codes of honor.

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Stashed Treasures are in the Contraband section of your possessions.