Weekly Fallen London Questions, 25/03/2024

Ta kindly. No idea why I missed them. Probably because I was looking under “Myself”.


After about 2 years, I am finally getting close to having 3200 scraps on my main character. I already have the Reported Location… Prince of hell. Which of the other three 1560 echo value items available from 3200 scraps do you recommend obtaining? I think these are Rumourmongerer’s Network, Breath of the Void, and Veils-Velvet.


Veils-Velvet, definitely. The others are all much easier to get once you’ve progressed the Railway enough, but Veils-Velvet can only be acquired by spending another 1560 echo item at the end of a long and rather painful storyline, and the process of getting the Velvet also gets rid of another neat item from that storyline.


Handedly agree. Couldn’t have said it better. I also think that most T7 items have very few uses other than vanity, but Veils-Velvet has the potential (depending on other choices) to be useful outside of Seeking and claiming the Marrow.

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Thanks. @John_Schmit, what is the “long and rather painful storyline” that you mention?

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The storyline does not exist.


Do the bishop of southwark and the Abbott commender ever interact in a storyline? They seem like they would either get along marvelously or try to send the other into true death-and either way that seems very fun, especially as they’re some of my favorites, although I far prefer the Abbott.

There is one tiny bit of text in one of the ways to get the route to Godfall that implies they are friends, but as far as I know we never see them interact.


well than, sad for me!

(“royalty is a continuous cutting motion”)

If you acquire the Abbott during the Feast of the Rose, the option to do so starts with him outside of Southwark Cathedral seemingly waiting for someone