Weekly Fallen London Questions, 24/04/2023

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread!

All of the zee dreams have as their title/epithet/whatever a line from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Except for delighted, whose “rosy colors leaping on a wall” isn’t even by Coleridge! Why the late swap for Tennyson? Did you hire a writer from Porlock or something?

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I think the choice of different author is meant to emphasize that Rosy Colors is not one of the regular Zee Dreams. It’s mechanically quite distinct: no Wind quality, dreamt at Zee rather than in London, slows you down, mediated by the Mask.

Thematically, I get the idea that the visions of the Mask are more intentional. It’s a tool designed for brainwashing, and the Grand Design is something that you are meant to see and believe in. The other zee-dreams are… echoes of memories from higher beings maybe? Not something that’s meant for you, just something you happen to catch.


Speaking of…

Did the frequency of the London-based Zee-Dream cards change recently? I feel like in the last week I’ve been drawing them a lot more, er, frequently than previously. Or is it just the luck (as it were) of the draw?

That sounds incredibly sensible and well thought out. So, I’m sticking with my conjoined theories of Porlockians (Porlocks?) being driven by some dark instinct to interrupt Coleridge, and Failbetter having recently hired someone of said origin.