Weekly Fallen London Questions, 22/04/24

Here’s this week’s thread for any questions about Fallen London you might have.

so, ah…what is AotRS, exactly? is it the manipulation of reality? if so, what are the limits of such? can it create matter out of nothing or just manipulate prexsisting matter? can it just change reality in any way you want? i’m unclear about that and can’t figure it out. also, how is it done? do you caleculate shit in your head so hard it affects reality, do you will changes onto reality through thought? thank you in advence.

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It seems to be concerned with bending the laws of reality. Bending scale to make a human ribcage mammoth-sized. Bending distance so that here is adjacent to there.

I don’t think it can outright create matter, since while you can duplicate bones, that requires bone fragments to fuse together.


Well that’s an excellent explanation, thank you!

Do the Distinctions of hearts’ game reset each season, or do you keep them? I just rejoined after a bit of a break and they’re new to me, I’ve made some progress on them but just want to make sure they won’t all go away when the season resets… otherwise I’ll just wait until next season to worry about them

The Season hasn’t changed yet since they were introduced, but they almost certainly persist. Note however that there are Distinctions for winning during each Season, so do try and notch at least one win during the current Season regardless of anything else. They should start cycling sometime in May probably.

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Got it! So I’m not far behind then. I got a win with only kings so far, which for me the kings distinction and the season.

Does anyone have the text for September’s encounter at the Feast? It doesn’t even seem like the wiki has the full text for the option’s description, so if someone has that, it would also be appreciated.

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