Weekly Fallen London Questions, 29/04/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!

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Thank you diptych!

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Here’s the unanswered question from the previous one:

It’s can’t, because that’s fate locked content, and per policy we aren’t allowed to upload narrative information for fate locked content to the wiki.

If anyone has an echo of it saved that’ll be your only shot here, bar waiting a year and doing it yourself.

What they actually meant was the description of the option that you can see before clicking it, which is both allowed on the Wiki and trimmed in this case. The option result text, on the other hand, is still forbidden from recording.


Ah I must have misunderstood the request

Is there a way in the game to tell when my next ability to receive a “Report from the Khagan’s Palace” will occur? I know this happens weekly but I cannot remember when. I am in the khanate and want to figure out if I should sail home or wait for my next report to come due and, meanwhile, do an intrigue. I have deleted all past messages related to this quality so I cannot look at those to see when they arrived.
Thanks for your help.

No, not in game. It should be exactly 7 days after the last time you picked up the report, regardless of when it was “ready”