Weekly Fallen London Questions, 22/01/2024

Here’s this week’s quick questions thread! To start with, here’s a continuing discussion from last week:

It wouldn’t just be harmful to the Bazaar. If I remember correctly, the Bazaar defaulting would involve a liquidation of its assets, such as London. Liquidation here doesn’t just mean selling, but also refers to a literal liquidation, as in turning the city to liquid using Lacre n’ Stuff™️. As you can probably tell, that would be bad for us.

But minting the currency did not lead to liquidation of London. And what was that loophole, I did not catch?


Is there a reliable way to grind dream points for What The Thunder?

I need +2 CP of it and it hadn’t given me even one card for it in 11 hours, so I’m hoping I’ve overlooked something haha!

The Overcapping section of Dreams (Guide) - Fallen London Wiki suggests Cave of the Nadir or a small chance on drinking a flask of Waswood wellspring water. Otherwise the only other option I can see on the Wiki is a single point early on in the Hearts Desire ambition, which clearly isn’t going to be helpful.


Well, tried Nadir and no luck, but thanks! I guess I’ll just have to wait it out! Haha! Push comes to shove I think my votes come back tomorrow, and I should have enough to reset the session and do the opportunity deck option!

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I’m sure it’s written somewhere here in the forum, but I can’t find it, so i’m asking here: how does one mature a panther kitten to a full grown panther? Thank you in advance.


Starts with the 20-fate option from using your Parabolan Kitten in your inventory (“Attend to her mewlings”).


well, that’s unfortunate-i have nearly no fate and i dont intend to spend money on buying some. thank you anyway, friend.

How did you think you grew up the panther??

Murgatroyd’s Kitty Kibble?


Oh you are SO funny for that

I Didn’t have an answer I expected, just sorts of a blank space to be filled with the eventual answer, if that makes sense.

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I mean it was originally a reward for backing a kickstarter campaign with real money, and they announced it to be about FATE like a week ago when it came out, I just was curious how you picked up that you can currently get it but somehow missed the price tag haha!

Well I saw…I think skinnyman and somebody else(can’t remember who)talking about it in a thread(can’t find that conversation, so don’t know which) and thought “well that sounds nice, I should ask how you do that.”

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Ahh, see, I knew there was a way it made sense :joy:

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I would like to warn you that, when I’m involved,
it making sense is an unnecessary requirment for doing something.