Weekly Fallen London Questions, 20/11/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for quick FL questions!

I’m confused by this noman info from the wiki
it looks like maybe the numbers in the table only account for 2 instances of TtH, but I think with a Monday TtH there would be 3 before the second week of feast
The 276 max NF loss noted below seems correct, so where are these other expected/maximum loss figures coming from?

3 pails/8 vials doesn’t seem like nearly enough

Here’s one from last week’s thread that still wants an answer!

The guide automatically generates those values using a few assumptions, the critical and slightly dubious one here being “The Feast of the Rose opens on the first Thursday of February”, which was true for 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020. This isn’t an actual rule (and wasn’t true between 2016-2019), but it made sense for an estimate. However, this year that would mean the Feast opens on the 1st, Tattoos on the 8th, and it wraps up the 15th. Which is only one day earlier than last year, but it does seem suspiciously early and causes some very low estimates.

If the logic were correct, it would only predict two melts: a Monday Noman melts on the 29th, the 5th, and then becomes a tattoo on the 8th before #3 comes around.

But we don’t know when the Feast will actually start, so I’d absolutely splurge and prepare for another melt. Maybe 2! If anyone really wants a tattoo, I wouldn’t cut corners on this.

I also wouldn’t currently recommend the guide on the wiki, since we don’t know when the Feast will open and we don’t have helpful advice on how the new melt rates work other than that Tattoos and Memories of a Doubled Spring should be of a similar difficulty to 2023.

Personally I’d advocate for gutting most of the guide and saying “we’re just going to have to wait and see!”, but that isn’t quite how wiki-editing works; it’s already marked with a caution banner and sprinkled with warnings and equivocations, but I know that’s surprisingly easy to miss.

Edit: as a temporary fix, I’ve switched the wiki formula to be more pessimistic, specifically predicting the Feast of the Rose begins Tuesday the 6th this year (the rule already existed in the page, but was temporarily switched to the “First Thursday” rule because it was correct 4 times in a row). It’s always a guess, but a pessimistic guess that might lead to over-preparation is much preferable to an optimistic guess that might lead to a failed tattoo. The warning that the numbers are only guidelines should be a bit more visible now, too.

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What is the difference between a “wealth” charter for the railway and the resulting “business” charter if you take what may be a new option to “Advance His Amused Lordship’s proposal to change to a business charter”? I looked in the wiki for info on a “business” charter but could not find it. Thanks for any help you can offer.

Advance His Amused Lordship’s proposal to change to a business charter sets your Charter Quality to one, which is the same value the wiki lists for wealth. I haven’t personally tried it, but considering the original level change text for that charter is “You have committed the Board to wealth and a well-run business” I think it’s safe to say there’s no difference


One thing I haven’t been able to figure out during the whole Furnace Ancona storyline:

Are Furnace and Beatrice…

  • the same person?
  • twin sisters?
  • Discordance doubles?

Did I miss this being made clear somewhere? Or is it supposed to still be uncertain at this point?

My understanding was that they are one and the same, Beatrice being who Furnace was before becoming Furnace, before taking on that responsibility. I think that when you meet Beatrice, it’s in Parabola, meaning she is a reflection of things as they were, of Furnace as she was.

I could of course have misunderstood the whole thing.

(Deleted and reposted to use the proper spoiler tags)


Thank you, and you’ve probably understood it correctly.

I often forget about the existence of the Lore Wiki, but I just remembered and had a look there.

The answer to my question is actually made clear in one storylet. (“She used to be called Beatrice,” the Secretary tells you.)

But this is interesting in itself because it means that the proprietess of London’s finest tea-shop exists only in dreams. I guess that explains the tea’s excellent quality. :wink:

Still, I like the idea of one Furnace continuing to work as a tracklayer after the Hurlers incident, while another returns to London to open a tea shop. Probably not what happened though…

(Needed 3 edits to get the spoiler tags working properly…) :expressionless:


It would be delightful if we could send certain social actions–things that would go through the mail like gifts of admiration, letters, and so on–to people not currently in London. I imagine these accumulating in a pile of posts, waiting for the addressee to return.

Any chance of this happening FB?


What does this mean?

That if a player isn’t in London, they can’t send or answer to Social Actions (Calling Cards, Correspondence/Discordance letters, and so on).

Edit: by not in London, I mean across the Zee or in the Hinterlands. To say nothing of more exotic locations (Parabola and the like).

This is what was confusing me. I was like… thinking you meant while someone was away from their account on vacation, which I was pretty sure you can do, or that they should let us speculatively send messages to accounts that haven’t been made yet, which was a baffling idea to me.

Furnace has a Parabolan reflection, just like the player-character does, as seen in Parabolan Warfare and foreshadowed elsewhere. The way that works isn’t really fully disclosed, and for example it’s not clear if every human has one or just “special” people. Nor whether the Reflection is “created” at a specific point or whether it continues to reflect your ongoing choices over time.

There’s a passing reference that Furnace doesn’t like Parabola when you consider using it as a solution to a work stoppage.


On the wiki I just saw that Ambition: Bag a Legend has a unique option if you have the Mr. Cards Robe.

How is this even possible?

I believe that’s an option from Mr Chimes’ Grand Clearing-Out, which has different text for players who have completed Bag a Legend or become Mr Cards.