Weekly Fallen London Questions, 18/12/2023

Here’s this week for quick Fallen London questions and answers!


What event where you referring to in last week’s thread? You said that you were preparing for an event and I fear I missed something. Or were you talking about the start of the 12 days of Sackmas?

Sorry if this has been asked before-- I’m gunning for a reservation at the Royal Beth, does anyone have any midgame honey grinds? By midgame I mean I have access to Parabola, a Tier 3 profession (Correspondent), am a Tier 1 PoSI, and have Port Carnelian but not the Railway.

Sending the Artist to get some from your Lab is probably the least annoying one for me, assuming you can reliably pass the check.

1-nice pfp! 2-are you aware you can perchase a reservation at the royal beth from the merry gentlemen? you need 50 Antique Mystery, but those aren’t too hard to get, and I would be glad to sand you some if such a thing is possible. you also need 100 or more watchful, but as your a correspondent I would be surprised if you don’t have that.

The upcoming Prelapsarian Exhibition Waswood week!


If you have Port Carnelian just grind Antique Mysteries and get some tribute in the process. You don’t need honey, the 50 mysteries option on Greet The Merry Gentleman is much easier, intentionally.

If you must do honey though, I’d do a mid game cash grind and just convert through merigans, as there’s nothing terribly action efficient for gathering honey sadly.

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And don’t forget about the option to upgrade some 4-card lodgings (including the reservation at the Royal Beth) for much cheaper during Sackmas. The wiki can provide the details but as someone who acquired 5-card lodgings both ways I’m telling you: Sackmas gives you a really good deal, especially for upgrading your room at the Beth!

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This is true; I’m assuming this is why they’re trying to buy the Royal Bethlehem room atm!

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quick quesion: what can i do to unlock my monstres anetomy skill? becuse as of now, it’s at zero, and i am complitly relient on my equipment to give me said skill. this wouldent be a problem-but the wiki tells me that i need to first have it unlocked in order to raise it, and the list it provides doesnt have a destinction between actions that raise the quality and actions that unlock it. thers a distinct possibility that i’m just confused, but i allways assume i’m confused, so really that doesnt mean much-how ever, please tell me if i missed something Obvious. it happens alot.

The Wiki guide for advanced stats recommends studying a thorned ribcage in your lab or ambushing animals while hunting in parabola for unlock

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You need Parabola for most advanced skills. I know you were putting that off, but Monstrous Anatomy, Player of Chess, Glasswork, Mithridancy and Kaleptic Toxicology are all Parabola based.

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well then, guess I gotta do that. thank both of you very much! sorry if I was annoying.

@anidiot I was not aware of this, no! Thank you for saying so, that will definitely be a lot easier. I don’t think it’s possible to trade items (then again, I’m not 100% familiar with the multiplayer mechanics so I could be wrong) but I appreciate the offer! And yes, my watchful is definitely high enough

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@anidiot also thank you for the pfp compliment :D you have good taste

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@HexBeloved noted, and thank you!

your welcome, mate! always happy to help.

does a funny little half bow your welcome!

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When do you lose A Jaunt in the Waswood?

Is it with TtH?

No, it’s a living story expiring one week after your previous visit to the Waswood memories.