Weekly Fallen London Questions, 18/03/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for any quick questions you have about Fallen London.

How in the name of the Sun do I find the Dome of Scales? According to the Wiki I can find it with a certain amount of Airs of Parabola and Recurring Dreams: WTTS 5 while tracking beasts, but I have done so at least a couple dozen times (hillmovers for the railway) and have never gotten the option. Do I need to hunt something specific? Does RNG despise my very essence of being? What am I missing?

It also said I could find it while “hunting for a specific place in the Neath” but my Shadowy isn’t high enough for that.

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I don’t think what your are hunting matters-but try hunting different things(I THINK I found it while hunting one of those statues but don’t count on it, my memory is terrible). If that doesn’t work, just continue hunting untill you find it.

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I read this reply, went hunting after a vessel, and immediately got the option lol. So… thanks!


Well then Your very much welcome!

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Should I wait for email confirmation of my subscription for enhanced Exceptional Friendship? I can see in-game changes but I don’t know whether I should expect some other kind of message.

By which station of the railroad can you get “rumors of the upper river”? Because I don’t wanna go past ealing gardens for now and the debts are making me worry. Also, if there’s anyway to get comphrensive bribes in a less expensive way then the side-streets I would like to know about it because I am so tired of buying all the god-damned honey for the romantic notions.

Rumours of the Upper River sources. Once you have two stations, you’ll be getting them constantly as you travel about.

Comprehensive Bribe sources. They’re a bit harder to get - I’ve been using the Evenlode courts when I need them.


Should I be worried about the coprate debt, then? I have Three of it already and I’m afraid of what will happen if I go any higher.

The what now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Regardless, thank you alot! I’m a bit overwhelmed with this rn(although I am managing)so I’m glad people like you are here.

Corporate debt is a resource. Use it. It’s best to let it reach as high as possible each meeting installing train amenities, then clear it between meetings and repeat. Then when your train amenities are done you can do the same but get a payout for the board members.

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First-thank you, hex! Second-as far as I can see the only way to lower debt is the “raise funds for the railway” option, which I can’t do rn because of the aforementioned rumor problem, so is there any other way to do that? Thirdly-from your advice it sounds like Coprate debt has no downsides, which seems strange. Am I miss-reading your post? Again, thank you for you help.

The grind is suboptimal but worth it. Just keep riding the railroad, and draw your cards in the upper river. Have some of the beer from the upper river exchange on hand, there’s several cards that give you rumors as well.

You can also lower it minimally once it hits 5 in London with a card. But it’s more expensive and doesn’t reduce as much.

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Not entirely true. You can only do actions that raise corporate debt when you have it below a threshold, limiting how many agenda items can raise the debt each meeting. Also, as I mentioned, there’s a suboptimal card that can be drawn in London when your debt is above 5, and it’s not discardable, although if you wipe out your debt it auto deletes.

You can also lower corporate debt by adding certain board members.
I install the Gracious Widow before every Board Meeting to reduce my Corporate Debt (if your debt is lower than 5 she will completely clear it that way. You also get 10 scrip, yay.) and then I throw her out during the meeting as soon as I have all the Araigs I can get from her. It’s somewhat profitable I think.

I am not sure if you can do that initially though, might be from a certain point of the railway onwards that you can change your board. Also it doesn’t have to be the widow. I think the Tentacled Entrepreneur does the same thing.


okay, i’ll keep that in mind for later(i haven’t opened the first station yet so ii assumet’s less aplicable right now-can’t ride a railroad that doesn’t exsist yet)

magisterial lager?

okay, that’s good to know. thanks again buddy!

and doing that doesn’t have Consequences? you can add and remove and add directors just like that? how neat!

case in point, i dont think i can yet-but honestly i haven’t tried yet so maybe i can. thank you, too-all the help is very appriciated.

You can indeed add and remove board members without issues, yeah.

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cool! very cool, even.

Yes once you get to the point where you can adjust your railway board, bringing on the Widow or the Tentacled Entrepreneur (or both) and then immediately throwing them off again is definitely the most efficient method. It’s a somewhat ridiculous mechanic but considering i got all my railway tracks by brawling for crates which fell out of the sky, i’d say a bit ridiculous is fitting for the railway venture

Anyway yeah debt is annoying but it’s impossible to progress without incurring a bunch, so you’ve kinda just got to accept that whatever your preferred debt reduction grind is, that’s part of your weekly gamecycle now (If you’re an EF you can get rubbery pies from voting and then sell them at Ealing gardens, which should be available well before you change your board. The debt cards also usually offer a few options to pay the debt off, in currencies you might find easier to grind)


For Comprehensive Bribes, I would recommend dreaming in the Viric Jungle. Unless I’m vastly mis-remembering something, that should be accessible to you immediately, whereas Evenlode will take a few weeks.