Weekly Fallen London Questions, 17/06/2026

Here’s this week’s thread for quick Fallen London questions!

Thank you diptych!

(“Let me know if there are any good cows”)

My alt is going to do the Mr Chimes Grand Clearing Out event in the Waswood later this week to pick up some of the special items. He doesn’t have a T8 item to offer up though. Will he be able to do that next time the event comes round or is it a one time and you’re done opportunity? If he only gets one chance at it I’ll get stuck in and grind an Impossible Theorem in the lab.

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Are you sure? It really is a collosal undertaking.

You can do it every time it comes, and in fact can’t recieve every BiS or Shared BiS item the first time you do the event.

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Thank you. Having taken a closer look an Impossible Theorem isn’t even on the list of T8 items you can offer up. I was sure that’s what my main gave when she did it during the original event, but maybe I’ve just forgotten or the requirements are different in the Waswood version. Maybe I’ll hold off and my alt can do the GCO on the next go round.


During the original clearing out, you could offer a theorem.
There is no real reason to hold out. You can do the events in the waswood over and over again, whenever they come up.


I won’t wait then and perhaps I’ll get my main to do it again too. Thanks for the advice.


Speaking of new ships, mine, while very much fine(more than fine, infact) could stand to be replaced, and as the fruits of the zea is(relatively)close, now is my time to ask a few questions:

1-does FoTZ always include ships for sale?

2-if it does, do the ships sold at the event change each year?

3-if not, would you kindly recommend me a ship with high zailing speed+/or good weaponry?

Thank you in advance to all answerers.

Last year’s Fruits of the Zee was a significant redesign vs. previous years, and it was the first event to introduce new ships. One can only assume that the same ships will be available again this year.

The “fast” ship (Ogedei-class Liner) only actually saves actions when you’re zailing against the current.

The Obstinate-class Cruiser is described as being loaded with weapons. Mechanically it increases Dangerous and protects against Troubled Waters.


Oh? How did you acquire new ships before that?

Good, good…

This one, than!

Thank you PJ!

Before that there were no ships beyond the initial four you had to choose from, not counting a special one given to Kickstarter backers.


I actually love the new FOTZ because, even though it was actually my first, it gave me the opportunity to be like you veterans, since I can now go “oh, I remember when you only had four ships and only one of them had decent BDR, and you had to grind Bejewlled Lenses uphill both ways in a snowstorm. It’s great fun!


I know most might say to get the zub, but I highly recommend the cruiser. Its one of the few items in the game that has a “greatly reduces” menace build up. Not sure about your stats, but even when you can 100% the checks while doing piracy you always gain some troubled waters. This makes it much easier as you no longer have to actively spend actions on options to lower troubled waters and can just zail on and rely on getting to a safe port to clear it.

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So how you’ll doing? I’m doing better than usual myself-i’ve been improving a lot lately with the help of some incredible friends. I’m still not in the best place but it isn’t that bad at all anymore. What about you?


“nlan this is not a fallen London related question, why are you asking?” idk man, I wanted to ask you’ll about how your doing and this seemed the only semi-appropriate place. Feel free to flag me homie.

There’s a heat wave going on over here so it’s hard to get outdoors. Starts getting uncomfortable by like 10 in the morning. My tomato plants love it though, so it’s all good.


I am also in heat wave land! staying home with the AC as much as I can (which in turn means more time playing games and faffing about on the internet)


I too am in an absurdly hot area! Luckily I can keep up with most of the important folk in my life without venturing too far into the heat, but on the bright side it has helped me to remember to wear sunscreen when I do go out! We should really do something about this whole Global Warming situation though.