Weekly Fallen London Questions, 15/04/2024

Here’s this week’s Fallen London questions thread!

I’ve already looked at the wiki so this is more to confirm than anything:
Unless I start peddling paintings, Moonlit is functionally useless, correct?
And given the costs of making paintings, I can’t imagine that would be profitable compared to any of the alternatives.

… well, as I understand you can use it in the TLC to reduce waning and there is a recipe at Station VIII that includes Moonlit.
but yes, usage outside the woods is rather limited.

I’m so happy FBG linked to us in the In-Game Announcement for the new slots. They really do still care about us as much as the Discord!


So how do I get Stormy-Eyed once my Recurring Dreams: WTTS has gone over 18? Do I just wait for an Opportunity Card?

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You have an option on Mutton Island.

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Yes. You can’t use the option on Mutton Island unless you already have Stormy-Eyed

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There’s also an option to bring some to the The Mandolinist if you don’t want to get the Menagerie Keeper’s help.

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I don’t suppose anyone would know offhand the fastest way to get 20k Rostygold that isn’t outright buying it from the Bazaar tab?


I suspect the quickest solo, non-opportunity option is payment for your professional activities at your lodgings, something like 410 or 450 rostygold/action depending on your stats. There is also the rat market option which involves few actions and allows you to basically convert one of 3 types of items directly into rostygold each weekend, but that requires you to wait until Monday at minimum and happen to have whatever the market is buying this weekend.

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Considering I’m waiting for Diamond weeks to visit the Rat Market, Professional Activities it is.
Thanks very much!


Sell Uncanny Incunabulum, Captivating Ballad and/or Parabolan Parable at the Rat Market this Friday.

As I said, I don’t want to use the Rat Market for that, especially since it’s not like I have a lot of any of those three.

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If you have a collection of rats on hand, you can trade them for rostygold at w department of menace eradication.

I’m guessing we’ll start referring to the collection of Neathproofed, Inerrant, and Insubstantial soon as often as we do to BRD. What should the abbreviation be? If we’re gonna go with an initialism I kind of prefer INI like the file type, but considering their purpose I might go with something more descriptive like secondary or auxiliary stats.

The latter of those may sometimes gets autocorrected to axillary stats. Opinions on this vary.


The stats who spell NII!


Do insubstantial and innerant do anything at all yet? I can’t help but feel like if we’re going to group the three together, those two have some catching up to do.

They don’t yet but they probably will starting tomorrow…

i changed my pfp! what do you think? here it is in full: