Weekly Fallen London Questions, 13/05/2024

Here’s this week’s thread for any questions you might have about Fallen London!

Please help me to understand something about Whitsun’s Sartorial and Bellic Augmentations. Am I correct that if I want a Sartorial or Bellic item that is produced from an aged or percipient egg, this will cost me FOUR ha’pennies? This would be 1 ha’penny to buy the aged or percipient egg and 3 ha’pennies to apply the sartorial or bellic augmentation.


Four actually, but yes. Next year, you’ll be able to buy aged and percipient eggs without ha’pennies so it will only be three then.


@ Lord Bolo – last week.

You were quite right – and the RNG Gods heard me and threw up the card twice in succession this morning. Many thanks.

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Correct. In general, I’d say doing things with aged and percipient eggs this year isn’t worth it because they cost a ha’penny, and one or both will probably rotate back to free next year.

I decided to use my 3 ha’pennies on some luggage so my main is all done. I still have to decide what my Alt will do with his 3 ha’pennies.

Two questions!

First, am I right in concluding that there isn’t yet a way of raising Chthonoscopy repeatedly? The one that raises it is a one-off?

I’ve also finally caught up on all the story stuff and got all the available Hearts distinctions. For the next two weeks of old rat market jubilee, anyone know what the most profitable thing to grind is? Might as well take advantage of those weeks while they’re there.

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Grind Airag in Tracklayers’ City, sell Airag in Khan’s Heart to buy Crackling Devices, sell Crackling Devices at Rat Market.

The EpA is around 6.0-6.2 (depending on your card draws in Tracklayers’ City), minus the fixed travel action cost.

Right. You can reach 2 + 1CP

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Admiring the crowds at the Rat Market this weekend, two questions spring to mind:

  1. Why isn’t there a huge “Jubilee Weekend!” banner hanging across the entrance-way?
  2. Wherever will they store everything being dumped the next couple of weekends?!

Probably wherever they were storing the hundreds of thousands of bottles of sherry that are being purchased


Is sherry something we really should be buying?

It’s as good as any other option! And besides, if you need Hell items, perhaps to buy the Brass Embassy Guest Room, it’s the perfect choice.

Again, please pardon my ignorance. Can you sell sherry for Hinterland scrip? I am not in need of Hell items but am working towards a worm so all I really want are things that are exchangeable for scrip at the most favorable exchange rate.

You’ll really want to do brass lollipops if you are going the scrip purchase by echo route. I get you about the bone market complexity, but lollipops side-step most of it. Buy 100 or so brass skulls for echos, start a skeleton with a headless body, add a brass skull, finalize it, sell it to scrip person. Rinse and repeat 1800 times or so (I forget the actual number but it is a lot). Sourcing headless skeletons is a bit of a bother, but if you are willing to be a Licentiate for awhile, you get them for free. My recommendation under the current post-diamond reality is just become a licentiate and do the brass lollipops.

If going this route, I would do only batches of 100 brass skulls at a time in case the grind gets nerfed partway through, which I have learned to fear for anything with vague utility. (Brass skulls sell for less than they cost to buy, so you don’t want to get stuck with 100s of them if the grind disappears.). Under this scenario, you can just let your rat market earnings convert out into rostigold, because you’ll just be selling it all for echos to buy brass skulls anyway. Or you could convert it into sherry (in case you need sherry for reasons like John Schmit mentioned) or some other item you think might have use for whatever other reason, but ultimately even then if buying scrip you are just going to sell it for echos and buy brass skulls with the proceeds.

There are some items that you can sell directly for scrip (see the list here), but the devaluation involved (usually 35-50% of its value) will just keep you grinding scrip all the longer for no real reason.

While you will have a lot of echos from the current sell off, it won’t be nearly enough to get to a hellworm. The last diamond sell-off I did I think still only netted me 60-70k scrip, so even using diamonds I was anticipating needing probably three diamond runs (probably 1+ years).

If by the very likely small chance you happen to have a lot of stored treasure from piracy lying around, you can (for the moment anyway) trade it for diamonds at Gaitors Mourn, so you might do that first and scrip that out before you start any other scrip grinding.

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Shaerys, Thanks for the very thorough reply. I am not even sure why I am saving for a hellworm. I do not even know what you do with a hellworm nor what other things, if any, you need. I just see a lot of people talking about them so figured it was the next thing I should do. I’ve been saving for a couple years and have only 140,000 scrip and 50,000 echoes but I have a lot of “stuff” in my inventory and a lot of outstanding invoices saved up (~4 million pennies for each character of invoices). I am really not being very efficient or strategic in my efforts to acquire a hellworm.

Hellworm is a vanity grind. It’s expensive for the sake of being expensive. After you get a hellworm, you can buy a saddle for it (another 200k scrip) and riding boots (another 200k) and riding-boot polish (another 200k).

The hellworm does unlock a pretty cool and profitable opportunity card in the upper river, but it is nowhere near profitable enough to ever be worth the expense of the hellworm, and by itself the hellworms stats are not any better than what you could get otherwise. (The saddle makes the card slightly more profitable, and the boots and polish do literally nothing.)

The main point of the hellworm is to give people who’ve already completed everything else some really expensive thing to save up for.


Why bother with a hellworm, you ask? The guide has a list of reasons. (Keeping up with the Joneses is a perfectly fine one!) But the real reason, Vinish, is that you can then buy a saddle at the mere cost of another 200000 scrip, and then ride the thing! Yes, you! If the very thought of yourself mounted atop a hellworm, terrorizing the hinterlands and storming the very gates of hell does not quicken your pulse, Vinish, then, well…why indeed?

If efficiency-be-damned and wanting to do a direct object conversion from rat market shillings, the wiki seems to suggest that solacefruits might be about as good as you can do. 100K in rat shillings would net you 12500 solacefruits, which could be sold for 12500 scrip.

But, as amalgamate says, it is more of a vanity thing, and maybe not worth blowing your entire stock of goods for.


The saddled Hellworm is either best- or worst-in-slot for every single one of its slots, to be fair - handy if you need a little extra or a little less in any of those stats! And the boots are the only item to be shared best-in-slot for both Dangerous and Dreaded, which is handy for Dangerous/Dreaded combined checks, like hiring a pirate crew.