Weekly Fallen London Questions, 11/12/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for any quick Fallen London questions you might like answers to!


oh, right, questions…what profession are you currenty working, he/she/they who reads this post, and are you planning on another?

I’m currently a Correspondent, mostly for the savings back when I was doing the SOTC grind, but I am considering switching back to my old profession of Silverer, or maybe becoming a Midnighter!

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sounds awsome! may you have much joy of it!

Correspondent. For that sweet Persusive bonus and the WORDS. I was a Silverer briefly, because I look really good in those Spectacles, but it wasn’t my true calling.


do you know of any easy-ish way to increase Monstrous Anatomy? i know you can do that via a lab, but i heard it’s a REALLY long annoying grind to open one.

There is a guide for that, but hunting in Parabola is by far the easiest way to do it. Now, whether you can get there without a Lab is another matter…


If you’re a Silverer, you actually can! And for a much more reasonable price too.

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well I’m not, but thank both of you for the info, I’ll make use of it as soon as I can.

okay, so! I think I’ll start working on opening my own lab-it’s gonna be a b***ch of a grind, I’m sure, but I’ll rather make my own way into parabola than get someone else’s help.

If it helps, they DID like literally just reduce that grind maybe a month ago.


…I probably should read the patch-notes, ah?


Yeah buddy. Here you go.


When is the last day that TtH grants potential Christmas cards? 25th, 24th, something else?

How rare exactly is a a rare success? Trying to get a mirrorbox in the Waswood in preparation for next week’s event.

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If you have your train built out to Jericho Locks, it is a lot easier to get empty mirrorcatch boxes there.


It varies from one action to another. It can be anywhere from 1% to 50%. Even the distinction between “rare” and “alternate” is just a community convention based on vibes.

But yeah that one in particular is pretty rare. I think 1-2%. You’re better off using one of the options where you can “buy” it more directly, even though you’re overpaying.

If you have a Railroad, there are options at Jericho and now at the Magistracy. If you don’t have the railway but at least have a boat, you can summon a box from nothing by trading an Oneiric Pearl for a filled box and then emptying it.


At the moment this is the only method I have to grind for it at all. I only have enough pearls for the reward next week, and I don’t have the cash to rat market it yet, although if there’s a box there this weekend and I haven’t found it yet I guess that’s viable.

If it’s 1% of 50% though then on average it would take about 200 actions, which is only a day and a half of actions, so that sounds technically doable! Thanks!

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No train yet sadly! I’ve focused on more gear and ambition based grinds and still haven’t gotten my base stats maxed out haha.

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