Weekly Fallen London Questions, 06/11/2023

Here’s this week’s thread for any quick Fallen London questions you might have!

I asked this last week but I don’t think I got any response, is there any benefit to visiting Hell after you get the AORTS Gloves? I was in the area for the Marigold Method during Hallowmas, and I noticed that I could still visit.

You can go to Hell’s gate, but not back through.

Anyhow, why are skeletons with arms never in fashion?
Also, wouldn’t it be fun if you could put a withered tentacle on a neck? That way you could make an octopus with a flourishing skeleton, instead of just being informed when a skeleton has almost as many arms as an octopus.

How can I find out if users are active in Fallen London or if the account is abandoned?
Complicated to find who can I address social actions to.

Thank you.

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