Weekly access codes

Took the Great Game option and was not expecting the revealed information at all. Ware apes and flaming tongues…

I did, at the time, to no avail - it said the code was used. And ‘perhaps not’ didn’t work to back out of it. So I had to choose an option… this was shortly after the code went out.[/quote]

This was my problem as well- alas, the options seemed the same as last week…that should’ve been my first clue not to continue.



Does anyone know if the response to the great game option changes depending on the decisions you made at the end of that story?

I don’t think so, the option only requires the &quotA fine piece in the Game&quot to unlock, and that quality’s the same for everyone who finished the storyline.

What happened if you chose the Great Game option? I’m not a fine piece, but I’ve got a monkey and I want to know if it’s still worth keeping.

You get some text and an Extraordinary Implication.

Thank you, but I’d like to see the text. Seems to have gotten everyone very agitated. My curiosity has been piqued

The text is right here.

I’ve got &quotA fine piece in the game&quot, but the &quotSpeak to the Ape&quot option is still locked. What am I missing?

I rushed to the end of the Cheesemonger story just this morning because I wanted to pick this option. Is it possible the game database needs to &quotcatch up&quot, or something?[li]
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I cannot say. I’d suggest a bug report, although it will no doubt be complicated by the nearing weekly deadline for this content’s availability. I can PM the text to you if you wish, though.

Does the story option say it needs A Fine Piece in the Game 1, or 2? If it’s 2, you’ll need to draw the Cheesemonger No More card and choose an option.

It doesn’t specify; it’s one of those greyed out boxes with the odd wording, &quotUnlocked when a fine piece in the game is:&quot

I didn’t realize there were two levels (I had checked the wiki, which only lists one). So that’s probably it. Well, I’ll just pick another option today and wait for the access code to come round again next year.[li]
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How does one go about receiving these emails?

[quote=Beli Yaal]How does one go about receiving these emails?[/quote]The weekly acces codes? Just check this page every day: https://twitter.com/echobazaar

Ahh, thanks

So, with the information from the Feast, I guess it would be prudent to assume that the Mountebank’s monkey is actually a Pentecost Ape that houses Alice’s soul.

My thoughts exactly. Scary.

Brr. Not very comforting. Kind of makes you wonder how the other talking animals gained their sentience.

Cats are cats, and may not have needed much Neathy intervention. The rats, I suspect, are the result of something they ate.