Weekly access codes

I hope this isn’t asked elsewhere, I couldn’t see anything about it on the forums![li]

I used the access code from the emails (and today on facebook), but although it gave me a quality, I can’t find anything to actually do with that quality! Is a storylet supposed to have opened up?[/li][li]
edited by Elnara on 2/10/2014

You should have a storylet waiting in your Messages tab - if it doesn’t show, try using the access code again!

Ah, that’s worked, thank you! I must remember to try codes more than once!

We feel we need a tally on this. Who punched the man in his stupid, smug moustache?

I wish (it was a really smug mustache). I just picked his pocket.

I picked his pocket, but one of my alts punched his nostril warmer, I mean, moustache.

I laughed along with him. He seemed quite nonplussed (tiny spoiler).

I chose to go along with his lies and thoroughly scare the poor guy.

New week, new access code.


Personally I went with the Great Game option. Not bad at all ^^

I second. It is a really interesting tiny bit.

Since this morning, i look to my cardsharp monkey with different eyes.
When she looks back, i shudder a little.

That was… Unsettling. We think we shall be avoiding the apes of the Neath for some time to come.

Interesting: my alt chose to stand and watch and it seems that the provenience of this ape is not of a place of the surface.
Creepy: my main chose the Great Game option and, well. I never liked monkeys. Now I dislike them even more.
Also could the name of the thread be changed to reflect its use for the various snippets we’ll see in the next week?


Alas, I am one of those poor, unlucky souls who got a broken code… I was approached by a woman savaged by a Starveling Cat, and yet the options were still those for that smug gentleman and his mustache.

Try the code again before you submit a bug report. Sometimes they/the goblins/the browser/the internets seem to remember things from old codes.

I did, at the time, to no avail - it said the code was used. And ‘perhaps not’ didn’t work to back out of it. So I had to choose an option… this was shortly after the code went out.

Likewise took the Great Game option on this week’s content. Very unsettling indeed. O.O

I took the Great Game option, my alt took the “watch” option. I used to want a Malevolent Monkey, but now… perhaps I shall let my collection of Neathy pets and complanions remain incomplete. I do not think I want that one sitting in my bedroom watching me sleep. Or at my dining table. Or anywhere else.

My Malevolent Monkey serves mainly to keep putting a Can’t Discard card in my hands, so you may not be missing much.
I, on the other hand, took extraordinary glee in trouncing the wee beastie at the chess table.
Humble I may be, but I am not to be bested by a monkey!

Also could the name of the thread be changed to reflect its use for the various snippets we’ll see in the next week?[/quote]


Anyone got failure result of chess match to share ? Wonder what wisdom or expletives the monkey has for the loser.