Warm amber?

I’m looking for warm amber, and i heard that searching in the forgotten quarter can give you it on rare success, but i’ve blown about 200 actions on it now and so far, no beans (though quite a lot of relics…)

anybody know a better source?

It depends on your level and capabilities. There’s a point during the Court romance of the Beauty where you can get a piece. It’s also available in bulk on Corpsecage Island if you have a ship.

I recall it’s also possible to earn it in Flute Street.

As Mr. Travellersside mentioned, Corpscage island is your best bet - ten warm amber at once I believe. If you don’t have a ship though the forgotten quarter is really your best shot, unfortunately. It’s not usually as action consuming as you describe, but it is certainly a rarer success than most.

I assume you’re doing Heart’s Desire? If so, there’s better ways to get coins than trading warm amber.

I might point out that if you’re after coins for Heart’s Desire, the recent Numismatrix content would be quite useful for that

As for getting it in Flute Street - I seem to remember (from my long-ago time there) that one of the End of Day options gives you a piece if, and only if, you don’t have any already.

Unless the rewards have changed recently, warm amber’s certainly not a regular reward in Flute Street.

My notes say there are two ways to get Warm Amber from Flute Street, both slow. (On the order of 1-2 per loop)
There’s also a non-repeatable option in Coil 3 of the Labyrinth of Tigers.
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I could have sworn there was a certain Clay Man who one could get Warm Amber from in Flute Street.

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I have the opposite problem: I would like to dispose of my warm amber, but I find it oddly hard to put down. How does one get rid of the stuff without being on a certain step of a certain Heart’s Desire?

You should get an opportunity card featuring a Rubbery Man. You can give it the Warm Amber for some Deep Amber.

I have observed the alleged Opportunity Card in a wiki, but have never received it. Perhaps there is some oddity of circumstance which prevents me from encountering the loping personage in question; where and how often do others tend to encounter that being?

Often. Everywhere. It’s a quite frequent opportunity card as far as I’m concerned…

Do you have to have a certain amount of connected: rubberies for it to appear, perhaps?

"Connected: Rubbery Men 30 - -othatharooth-
The Rubbery Men twitch their tentacles when they see you, and make a sound like water over stones…"

It seems to me unlikely that this is the issue, unless perhaps too high…

I believe the card says you need a Connected:Rubbery Men of five. I currently have a forty-three, so if there is a cut off point, Sagacitas should be well before it.

I am currently in Flute Street, and will be bringing Warm Amber with me when I return.

I just tried the same thing - it took around 100 regular successes before I saw any amber. I would call that exceedingly rare…

If you can go to zee for research, one of the islands has a very large cache of it.

I recently got a piece of warm amber from a rubber man in the street. The card is called “A limping figure in a top hat beckons”. However I think the warm amber is a ‘rare reward’ so not a reliable source, but worth a shot if you come across the card. Interestingly warm amber is now a persuasive weapon. I’m sure it wasn’t the last time I had some…