Wait... The Bazaar Is A...?

Spoilers for The Courier and The Sun.

&quotIf the Masters could not manage the affairs of the Bazaar, then perhaps the Bazaar required some new servants. Yourself, for example.

Mr Wines did not like this suggestion at all. &quotThe Bazaar has leashed enough of us,&quot it snapped. &quotHaving more of us at her mercy, she will only make more demands.&quot But it wrote down your remarks. It had little choice.&quot

I do not know whether Mr. Wines is referring to The Creditor or The Bazaar when he said &quotshe&quot. This whole time I had thought the Bazaar was a dude and the Sun was a girl. But I guess now the Sun is actually a guy? They have had a child together so they can’t both be the same gender unless space-crab shenanigans or something.

Not sure how I had started out assuming the Bazaar was male though. I thought it was explicitly stated what the genders were a long time ago, but now I am unsure.

With regards to their child, I’m pretty sure shenanigans do apply. They’re both non-biological, eldritch entities of vast and unknowable power. I’m doubt either gender or sex are very limiting for them.


A sun and a crab have a mountain child. I don’t think the rules of sexual reproduction applies here. That being said, I do remember a suggestion that said that what we see of Stone is actually her shell, like her parent, the Bazaar.

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If a master can be impregnated by a female devil, I guess all bets are off.
Reproduction must work quite differently higher up the Chain.


I am imagining a tiny sun, with a mountain as a hat.

Would explain the glow.

Especially since the shell seems to be diamondy.


Now there’s a hat to wear to society parties. If the butler thought the Bejeweled Cane was bad, wait until he sees this.