Unwanted Filled Mirror-Catch boxes

I have 8 mirror-catch boxes full of Cosmogone light – but now that the Museum is full, I have no way to empty the boxes.

Any suggestions? I’m eager to re-collect a Neathbow but I’ll need the boxes to do that.


I feel you. I too sit here with eight boxes of Cosmogone.
If it were only seven I would say, sure, I will get those seven Neathbows. But eight?

Well, maybe once the museum is finished there will be some option to empty those boxes.
Surely the exhibits will need to refill some light from time to time, right?
That is, of course, assuming, that neathy light works at least somewhat like “normal” light.

You can reliably get empty boxes if you have access to Jericho Locks, getting friendly with the Gondoliers will however cost you time and resources.

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And filled Mirrorcatch boxes have a use yet again, you’ll need a complete set to commission a kaleidoscopic device.

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Sorry to hear you’re in the same boat yehochan. I hope your suggestion is correct!

Thanks for the tip Kaminski. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the kaleidoscopic device. Where can I find make one?

It’s in the new Museum content, look for the Inorganic Sciences wing.

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as pointed out here:

they can now be emptied.


That’s great news! Thank you.

Lucky you, I only have one mirrorcatch box, and I still haven’t built the first railway station.

Here’s a suggestion: filled mirrorcatch boxes can be individually emptied at the museum and exchanged for a tiny bit of Curator’s Gratitude. If you wish to interact with the item and empty it yourself, there should be some tiny reward e.g. a few drops of honey for a particular colour.

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It’s a bit tedious, but if you have access to the Waswood, the boxes can be found there as well. Rarely, mind you.