Tutor a Protégé - coming soon

A brief search didn’t already find a thread for this, so…

It looks like those of us with 200 in a stat with the special designation will be able to mentor players not at the level cap in exchange for making waves. This looks promising! any thoughts?

also, is it just me, or is content moving at a beautifully fast pace in the last while?[li]

Oh, that’s very interesting. I wonder if this is going to be a continuation of the Mysterious Benefactor storyline? It does end with the line “perhaps some day you’ll have a protege of your own”…

Whilst it’s not out yet, I already like this action far better than the other current way of spending a free evening, which in its current form is largely useless.[li]
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This is absolutely brilliant.

Oh splendid - at 183-184 across the board, and rising… so I can hopefully help out soon. Here’s hoping it’s one of many new channels added recently to get ‘Making Waves’.

I would speculate it is so, as recent things have been added requiring notability 9 :O

It will, in fact, be a way to gain Making Waves according to the storylet header. I guess you spend a free evening with another player so they get stat and you get MW? There’s probably some deeper intricacies with relationship qualities and stuff going on though. I dunno, I’m just guessing.

I would gladly submit my charact… I mean, myself, to some tutorage. The pain of grinding Making Waves is known to me, and I’d like to help those who are grinding MW too out there. Having your stats boosted in the process doesn’t hurt too.[li]

Haha, I just finished single mindedly grinding my dangerous to 200 to become a shattering force. This after my last stats halving to the 30s at the end of November (my shadowy is still like 60-70). I can’t wait to tutor delicious friends my signature buff fighting moves. Like the Oblivion Punch (I hit you over the head with a bottle of oblivion which somehow makes you more buff :P).

Wow. I would like to see you Oblivion punch sometime.

I yearn to share the knowledge of my Extraordinary Mind. (Watchful tutor!)
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Apparently, it’s here! It’s in the “Attend to matters of society and scandal” area at one’s Lodgings, it’s called “Become a Patron” and apparently taking a protege lets you increase Influence up to 100.

You can’t actually teach anyone anything if their stat is more than 100; the game doesn’t actually tell you that until you’ve already adopted them as a protegé! welp

I’ve five free evenings and all stats between 45 and 65, if someone needs a guinea pig.

If someone wants to give it a try, Stroller in game has two free evenings and is between 25 and 49 on skills…

… what’s good for Dangerous grinding?

Sparring bouts and hard-earned lessons, I’d guess.

Also, if anyone wants a patron for watchful tutoring, throw me a PM.

So, as is now, taking on a Protegé is kind of woefully underpowered for something that requires you to have 200 base stat. They need, at most, 125 in the relevant stat (The cap is 100 stat, but they could equip a TRF), and it only gives a single point of stat for the free evening. Given that you only get 5 free evenings a week, that translates to at most 5 bonus levels per week. Which is really not a lot at all. For something so hard to obtain, it seems kinda underpowered.
Now, I’m not suggesting that it should give ludicrous amounts of stat and rain MW down on both parties or something, but it could probably stand to be a little bit better.

I think this alternative might work better; remove the 100 stat cap, and make tutoring give diminshing returns based on how high the protege’s stat is. Say, make it give 200CP base, and subtract their Watchful quality from it. That’d make it more useful for lowlevel players, while still retaining a degree of utility for midlevel ones. Basically, as their level of knowledge approaches your level of knowledge, they learn less from you. Makes sense narratively! I mean, I know 100 stat is the cap point for PoSI but you’re twice as important as they are, stands to reason that they can still learn something from you.

>woefully underpowered

[color=#009900]Whoa, there. I’m going to watch the data on this one rather carefully: that’s why there a warning note on it. It may end up that any POSI can tutor up to 100, and any specialist can tutor higher levels. It may be that the increase ends up being a formula rather than a flat number (this was the original design, but newbies find it difficult enough to understand change points). And it’s quite likely patronage will have other advantages,especially as new tech comes online later next year.But I would much rather leave room to boost than room to nerf, and in a little while I’ll see exactly how it’s being used and abused.[/color]

If anyone desires a persuasive Tutor, give me a message.

Do drop me a line if you desire a Watchful patron.

I would very much like a patron to tutor me in the ways of dangerous(55) and/or shadowy(52)