Too immature for an Eyeless Skull?

I got an Eyeless Skull from a rare success on an Expedition. I’m not POSI, I don’t have nearly enough Archaeologist (I have 2) to go to the Cave of the Nadir, and it’s taking up an ominous slot in my poor 3-card hand. (Do I click &quotForget&quot? I think not.)[li]

Does it make sense to get rid of the skull? I was planning to hold on to it until needed, but losing 1/3 of my hand seems like an awfully high price to pay, unless it’s made of unobtanium.

You could always find someone who needs such a skull for their own expeditions and pass it on to them. Then, perhaps, when you need one again, someone will pass theirs* on to you!

  • Not as in out of their head. Hopefully.

Alternately, I think you can click on it in your inventory for an opportunity to sell it to the Revolutionaries.

I genuinely didn’t know you could give items to other players. What’s the mechanic?

And how might I find somebody who needs a Skull?

A player who’s at the point where they need Eyeless Skull(s) can request them. This thread had some people looking for the item, for example.

Also, if you can get the attribute in question for the card to 50 or lower (such as by equipping a Talkative Rattus Faber,) you can discard the card.

Aha! I equipped the rat and that did the trick. Thank you!

I recommend selling it. 6250 pence = good.

You can also just get rid of the cards. Accepting a polite invitation or going to zee will both empty your hand of opportunity cards, but they require POSI. You can spend some time picking pockets in Spite, or shroom-hopping if you’ve got the Fate.

just click it in your inventory to sell it. 62.5 Echos isn’t I’d just give to other people at this level.

Although if you are planning to go to the Nadir, you’d eventually need 6 of them in total. So it would be a good idea to keep it. Picking pockets is a good way to get rid of the cards, and lowering the particular stat to below 50 (talkative rattus faber is great) will also auto discard the card.

Well, 1 Skull and 400 echoes does the job just as well. Easier to get in my opinion.
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I tend to agree with Sarah on 1skull+400e.

+1 for the unobtanium remark.