Today's update: new ambition!

[color=#0066ff]Hello all![/color]
[color=#0066ff]While we work on the stuttering/framerate bug (we’re hoping to include a fix for it in the MAGELLAN update, which will now go out next week), we’ve done a mini update to add a new ambition to Sunless Sea![/color]
[color=#0066ff]Found a colony at the world’s end, in a place of beauty and searing danger. Grow it slowly over time. Claim legitimacy as a monarch of the zee, and win the game.[/color]




I wish to flail and explode; however, I am waiting on boring tenterhooks for an Important Phone Call and everything is terrible :(

No spoilers, but if it’s a hidden ambition, does that mean you can replace your starting ambition with this one? Or complete two ambitions?

Soooo…is it up yet? Because I already tried to get it with one ‘deferred choice’ character, found that it wasn’t there, and had to spend an hour grinding Mirrorcatches to get enough Wealth to get that ambition off instead. So…I’d rather not check again until someone confirms that it’s available.

I have a feeling the ambitions are locked into the save file when you create a new character.
You can test this by backing up your autosave.json and starting a new char to check. Then just copy the file back when you’re done testing.

EDITED: Nevermind, found it.

Also, nope. Both started a new character and tried to set my Ambition from a character that already started. No dice.
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I haven’t seen anything about a new ambition, but you can start the colony founding quest now. No idea how far it goes.

Below are spoilers and questions about the first part of founding a colony.

Apparently you need something that protects against sunlight.

I found one option. You can buy something from the Dawn Machine in exchange for 50 supplies, 1 Vital Intelligence, the Figure-Head of the Eater of Names, and a Dread Surmise. It may also cost you 7 crew.

There may be other options
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Please, keep any spoilers about the new update behind spoiler tags for the time being!

Oh, sorry. My mistake.

Is it just me, or does this not seem to be out for the GOG version yet? I updated my stories completely, but it’s not showing as an update on the right ‘tab’, and the Ambition isn’t there even if I start a New Game.

I have the steam version, so I can’t be sure about the GOG version, but, in my game, it’s listed as a “hidden ambition,” so maybe it will never be available to select at the start?

Maybe you have to go Aestival to unlock it?

[color=#0066ff]The builds for GOG and Humble are usually a couple of hours behind Steam. We can upload directly to Steam but GOG/Humble have to update manually their end. :)[/color]

Agh, I knew I should have gotten the Steam version! Then I could have had Achievements, too…

Well, I’ll patiently wait. (Maybe a bit impatiently.) Thanks for the answer!

So I’ve been to Aestival, and I see what ancusohm is talking about. But it still doesn’t show up when I try to declare an Ambition when talking to an officer. Is this a bug or a feature? (I.E. Is this a side ambition that we’re not supposed to be able to do as our main ambition? Or is there a bug somewhere that’s not letting us choose it as an option?)

I’m pretty sure it’s the former; it’s not something you take as a starting option, but something you can pick up along the way. Which makes sense, because Aestival is very far out and just the first step of the colony-forming story is a massive undertaking in itself.

[quote=Mikka Wilcox]Agh, I knew I should have gotten the Steam version! Then I could have had Achievements, too…

Well, I’ll patiently wait. (Maybe a bit impatiently.) Thanks for the answer![/quote]

Dunno 'bout the GOG version, but the Humble version also gives you a Steam key, if you’re that impatient. Just thought I’d mention it.

(also, this has the added bonus of running two games at the same time without extra effort. :))

I just went and checked, and no, GOG does not offer a steam key. Bummer. That would have been awesome. Well, I know to buy Humble next time, I guess.

GOG still hasn’t updated, sadly… I’ll keep glowering at it dubiously.

You have to sacrifice a bit of convenience if you’re going to use a DRM free service like GOG. Steam’s setup (having, esssentially, always online DRM) allows for updates to get pushed through much quicker

Huh, I don’t really see the connection there. It’s just like Mr. Welton mentioned elsewhere, FBG can update/upload the new files into Steam themselves, while with Humble and GOG, they have to wait for their staff to manually process them.

Edit: BTW the Humble update is now live.
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