Tireless Mechanic storyline (fixed)

Currently, the &quotdine with him&quot option requires you to have &quotno more than 0 x Tireless Mechanic&quot. Quick, someone edit the requirements!

edit: Splendidly quick, chocolates and delightful beverages for everyone involved.
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Hm. Well, there’s the mystery box’s source. Ha!

It also works for Viric in Venderbight, giving that one three confirmed options now.

Meanwhile, anyone know where to find an Element of Dawn?

One way is selling the Memento Mori to the Grand Geode.

Which I did with the full intention of restoring a non-sold save, just to see what the results would be, except I’m bad at skullduggery and screwed up the restoration and basically now I have an Element of Dawn taking up space in my hold and the eternal knowledge that I have BETRAYED THE ADMIRAL.


Anyway, surely there must be other sources in the works, considering they’re used as payment in Khan’s Shadow?

Odds do seem good.

Also, is intended that it’s possible to make multiple dream traps and let the Tireless Mechanic sleep several times? It seems to me that a sufficiently unscrupulous and enterprising captain could make a LOT of money that way if the price for those snakes remains as high as it is at Khan’s Shadow.

(hssh don’t mention it) Who knows what would happen if Angry Snakes flood the market? (if it was a storylet instead of in the shops) And I do want somebody on board to get a good night’s sleep.[li]

Anyone complete the whole quest yet? The prerequisites are pretty extensive and not cheap so that had better be one damn awesome engine.

eh, it’s not amazing. It’s got 5000 engine power and terrible fuel consumption. I’ve died twice after getting it- ran out of fuel/food before I could get to the nearest port.

Food? As in you were desperately shoveling supplies into the furnace, I suppose, rather than that you were going so slowly you starved to death.

edit: Hang on, you’ve already gotten it twice on two new captains in a single day?

edit the second: Wait, never mind, I know how savefiles work, ignore me.
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Actually, the crew mutinied on me after I ate about three of them and I didn’t win the Iron challenge. With 105 Iron. What are the odds? After that, I decided that having to sell my Memento Mori, dumping a bunch of stuff and facing three waxwind storms wasn’t worth the new engine. After all the expense and time, I was expecting an engine that used less fuel, not more.

I’m pretty surprised to hear about it too. I would have expected an engine associated with the Tireless Mechanic to be heavier on the efficiency than the power as well.

I mean, I’m still going to go through his story (no spoilers!), but that certainly is a pity.

Yea. I’m put off by the element of dawn requirement too. I like the memento mori too much, and trading it for a useless engine is too wasteful for me.

Actually, looking at the costs, I’m not sure the snake-boxes would be a profitable enterprise to make and sell for 1k each, at the requirements. I had 2k per sold in my head when I wrote that.
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I’m just here to give it to the Fathomking. (and I’m so excited for Frostfound that I went off to complete another father’s bones quest instead. Couldn’t take the anticipation.)[li](Is it no longer 1000 echoes at khan’s shadow in a new update, then? A clay man, fuel costs, and 250 echoes should still be less than that.)[/li][li]
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You actually need a candle and a few supplies as well. Well if Hunter’s Keep has fallen you do, not sure otherwise.

I was thinking of it as “a clay man, 5 supplies, a candle, 250 for the mirror box, and terror/dead crew when he sleeps”

The storyline isn’t completely fixed, unfortunately: I’ve done the quest at the Keep and Frostfound, but when I go to my journal, it’s still asking me to take materials to the Keep (which means I don’t know what the requirements are for the “gather materials” part of the quest).

Look under &quotobjectives&quot

[spoiler] Impeller stats: -50% fuel efficiency
+5000 engine power
+5 iron
+5 mirrors
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[quote=nameless]Look under &quotobjectives&quot

[spoiler] Impeller stats: -50% fuel efficiency
+5000 engine power
+5 iron
+5 mirrors
edited by nameless on 1/24/2015[/quote]


Whoa, it literally has negative efficiency? That’s… very, very unexpected.