Thoughts on Ambition: Nemesis?

I was looking around, and I noticed there really wasn’t many people talking about it. The majority of the community, as far as I could tell, is focused on Heart’s Desire. I mean, even the wiki guide is the least fleshed-out. Is there a reason for this? What’s going on?

I think it’s a combination of Heart’s Desire having a lot more options + lore, and Nemesis being a generally miserable experience (which tracks since vengeance is never easy). Also Knifegate really dwarfed any other aspects of it because of how much of a grind it was, although now that the prices of knives have been decreased there might be more discussion about it, who knows!


Being a lore-obsessive with OCD-completionist impulses?

I can tell you that Nemesis has incredibly good story behind it, albeit a story blacker than pitch in tone.

(Unless you take the high road, in which case it’s only a very dark dark shade of grey.)

I can also tell you that it has (mechanically) the worst rewards of any ambition. And it’s very disappointing, because there isn’t much reason for that as far as I can tell.

The two treasures on offer:


Could easily have some of the very best & most interesting uses in the game.

(Introducing your real amnesiac daughter to your fake daughter whom you have a fresher and more familiar relationship with, courting your resurrected immortal spouse/lover anew and then sealing the deal in St Fiacre’s/the Bazaar, showing up to society parties wearing Mr Cups’ death shroud for instant exile to the tomb colonies and a giant pile of making waves, etc.)


I’ve noticed that too. It seems the next most popular (or talked about) was Light Fingers, followed by Bag a Legend.
Maybe revenge just isn’t as desirable as desire?

I wonder if this means that the ordered preferences for new players are:

  1. Win something
  2. Steal something
  3. Kill something
  4. Kill someone

Personally, playing poker didn’t sound like a great reason to go live in a cave forever, but if someone killed my brother, throwing everything away to go on a nice subterranean rampage would definitely be on the table.

Anyhow, I was going to end that with “in the cards” instead of “on the table” to get a nice punny theme going, but it didn’t flow right. Turns out not to be a problem, as the origin of the “on the table” idiom is poker.