The Viscountess for Mayor! A feline candidate!

While the platforms suggested by the other two candidates have definite appeal, one must secure the present before reaching to the future, or that future will be situated on a crumbling foundation. Can you imagine one of F.F. Gebrandt’s resurrected prehistoric creatures possessed by a Fingerking? A Rubbery artist’s perceptions and motivations steered by the whims of creatures of Is-Not?

No, before allowing the visions of the other candidates to flourish, we must first muster a significant and sincere defense of our closest embattled border, that of the dreamworld Parabola. Only when London is no longer threatened by beings whose desires are literally incompatible with reality and whose methods strip sentient creatures of their free will can we pursue the visions proposed by the Tentacled Entrepreneur and F.F. Gebrandt.
edited by The Dark Gentleman on 7/19/2020

I’m ruled by two cranky, picky, and needy cats in real life. I don’t need to be ruled by one in London too.

Two words: Toxoplasma gondii.

like 50% of people already have it though

like 50% of people already have it though[/quote]

Its normally not dangerous to people unless you have a compromised immune system.

Well, since she’s up against a Rubbery candidate I doubt she has a prayer. But I can’t not vote for a kitty :D

That seems to substantiate my concerns. :scream:

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous for a cat to run for mayor.

That said, I like cats, hate fingerkings, back Shroud, and find the possibility of waging a dream-war against snakes that are-not to be absolutely brilliant.


When I voted for the Viscountess, I noted Zailors, Duelists and Tomb Colonists among her supporters. Definitely my kind of crowd ;)

i pressed the vote button on the Cat