The very first Notability?

So, I went up to the PoSI 3 days ago. After some successes I have 3 Bizarre, 5 Respectable and 18 Making Waves.

But still have no option to summon Amanuensis in the lodgings. Any advice? Indeed I have no Notability at all.

It should be under “Attend to Matters of Society and Scandal” --is it not there?

You need Notability 1 to call the Amanuensis from Society and Scandal. I think you need to wait for the card to get your first level.

He also shows up on an uncommon Opportunity card, which is how most people get their first Notability. To summon him in your Lodgings, you’ll need an Entry in Slowcake’s Exceptionals, which you can purchase from his opportunity card, or from the Bazaar (at Nikolas Pawnbrokers).

Thanks, so I should just wait? OK.

No it’s not. Hope it will appear eventually though.

Ya, I had not realized this until it was too late. Now I am sitting on 19 Making Waves with no way to turn it in. I have everything else I need to acquire my desired lodgings at Penstocks, but I am powerless to proceed ever since I spent my last Notability Point on something else. I can’t even call the man using a Favorable Circumstance, which I find egregious. Why wouldn’t we be able to call him with it? It makes no sense!

IF you have enough Making Waves to get a point of Notability, the entry in society and scandal will allow you to summon him (except for the first point.

Aargh, now I feel like an idiot. Gaining the new 5-card lodgings ate all three points of my notability. If only I’d raised it to four first I’d still have a point and could build it back up. Now I’m stuck waiting for the card to show up on its own.

Ack! Me, too! I have Making Waves 23 and zero Notabilitly! I guess patience IS a virtue! :)

The greatest of virtues, Madam. And the rarest.[li]

The is a bigger problem when you consider using the Unsigned Letter to raise your specialized stat over 200 means resetting your Notability to 0. Trading in Notability for prize tokens has the same problem. Since the Amanuensis is a rare card is there anyway we could up its frequency or make getting the first point of notability easier by allowing us to summon him for it? Or maybe resetting your Notability leaves you with a single point remaining?

So, is the wikia wrong when it doesn’t list a Notability 1 requirement for Use your influence to invite Slowcake’s Amanuensis for a visit? I thought I’d have time to become notable by the end of the month, but if it requires a rare card that might not be the case.

It’s not rare. It’s Very Infrequent.

I, too, am seeking my first point of Notability. In the week between becoming PoSI and the update to make Notability suck less, I saw the Amanuensis probably once a day, on average. Since the update, I have not seen it at all. My only assumption is that he might not show up unless you have sufficient MW+BDR to gain a point, but according to the calculation on the wiki (20 - (B+D+R) + 4 * N), my 15 MW + 7 BDR should be sufficient. Have I just gone from extraordinarily lucky to horrendously unlucky?

No, he’ll show up regardless of your MW and BDR. I think your luck is just balancing out.

The requirements are just that you’re a PoSI: the other options on the card would be pretty much completely useless if you could only draw it when you had enough to get a Notability! I think the RNG just spites you utterly.

I hate the RNG :(

I am in the same position at the moment: I spent my 8 points of Notability on getting past 200 in Watchful and now I have been for two weeks without the Amanuensis card. Too bad, Favorable Circumstances doesn’t work any longer.

You may know this already, but an Acquaintance of yours can give you with a single point of his Notability if you’re at zero. That can be done from the Amanuensis Opportunity card even if it’s been summoned at the Lodgings, though of course to summon him your Acquaintance wil have to build up enough Making Waves. Once you’re at Notability 1 you can summon him yourself at your Lodgings and everything becomes easier ^^