The Twelve Days of Mr Sacks have Begun!

[color=#ff9900]Delicious friends - Mr Sacks has begun his rounds! Each day from now until the 5th of January, a new card featuring the Crimson Beast of Winter will appear in the opportunity deck. Offer him gifts and earn rewards! [/color]
[color=#ff9900]Then - on the 6th of January - Penstock’s Wicket will open, giving you a chance to spend any Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre that you’ve accumulated over the festive season. This is a chance to acquire various rewards, including unusual lodgings and perhaps even your own noman (briefly).[/color]
[color=#ff9900]Merry Christmas, everyone![/color]

Merry Christmas to you too, Mr. Gardiner.

Merry Christmas, to every one!

About how common are these cards?

My alt got it immediately on one click.

My main has wasted 9 fate, clicked through a bunch of cards since, and yet no sign.

They’re probably standard frequency, if the RNG doesn’t loathe you.[/quote]

Why spend fate now? Isnt it better to wait until evening and use fate as a last resource?

If the wiki is correct:
Occurs with Abundant Frequency (5 x as common as Standard)
Occurs with Ubiquitous Frequency (10 x as common) two days after it becomes available

The cards become ever more frequent as time progresses, meaning there’s no rush. If you wait until Jan 5 you’ll probably be able to play all of them within a few hours… ;)

:edit: Everything dov says below is true. Also, here’s a link to the 12 Days ToL-maxing guide from the Christmas Guide thread again.
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Merry Christmas back atcha, Mr Gardiner.

– Mal

Some clarifications for newer players:

You don’t have to draw the Mr Sacks card today, so unless you’re in a particular hurry, there’s no need to spend Fate to increase the chances to draw it.

As Chris has indicated, each day a new Mr Sacks card will be added to the deck. So even if you only manage to draw the first Mr Sacks card 3 days from now, you might draw the 2nd Mr Sacks card a minute later.

And, as others have indicated, the cards’ frequency increases over time. When it becomes Ubiquitous Frequency, you’re almost guaranteed to draw them very quickly.

Also: If the same mechanic plays out as in last years, once you play the first Mr Sacks card, you’re guaranteed to be able to draw all the rest, even after the season is over (though, of course, if you wait that long you won’t be able to use the gained ToL in the Wicket, or complete the Fate locked stories there).

With my RNG luck… I figure I’ll draw all of them on the last day… LOL… s’ok though :-)


The first card, at the time of writing this, is Abundant Frequency - which is five times as common as Standard Frequency.
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best way to increase their chance of showing up is to get a 4(or 5 card) lodging, if you haven’t done so, and cash out ALL your connections so the conflict cards won’t show up. i hate doing that. takes weeks to rebuild all those connections.

I went to a remote adress. got the card immediately, after several tries at a 4-card lodging.

I’ve gotten Day 2 already on one character – a little earlier than I anticipated!

Entertaining as ever. Merry late Christmas, everyone!

Still no cards yet for me… but I expected that… trying to stay sane right now anyway…

I’ve never been so angry at the RNG. :(

Ah, now… Wait till you do the last part of the fidgeting writer

I had more luck doing the Fidgeting Writer than drawing the 2nd Mr Sacks card :(

Brace yourselves, 12 days of cursing against the rarity of the x-th card are coming