The Tentacled Entrepreneur for Mayor!


[color=#0066ff]The Tentacled Entrepreneur is a respected Rubbery Man whose usual interests are business and deal-making. [/color]
[color=#0066ff]Now the Entrepreneur has found a new passion in the arts, and promises to reveal new heights to human and non-human creativity, in part by opening a salon devoted to a Renaissance of Rubbery Culture![/color]
[color=#0066ff]But: as accepted as the Entrepreneur is, some whispers question his candidacy. How could he win without significant backing from someone very influential?[/color]

Whew - going to be tough for me to decide who to support this time! Art, science and cats? Those are three of my interests!

Now I’m conflicted, and I know how my spouse is going to insist that I vote.

the question that has haunted man for time immorial, cats or squids. Really if anyone running wins I’ll be happy

Alas, no Urchin candidate this year.
At least, this one was repeatedly requested since the second Election.

Its backers are no flukes. Oh wait, they are flukes.

Get ready to update rubberyman3.png with something else, wiki editors.
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Ahem, Rubbery Felines, best of both worlds.

If there was a War Criminal award for humor in Fallen London, I think we’d know who was in the running.

[quote=Aro Saren]Alas, no Urchin candidate this year.
At least, this one was repeatedly requested since the second Election.[/quote]

[i]Awaiting the arrival of Mr. Longshanks is increasing…[/i]

Yay, rubbery art with top hats is making a comeback! Will be be funding top hats for the rest of his compatriots?

This announcement solidifies my support for Gebrandt, but it’s interesting to see the possibility of a rubbery mayor.

Its backers are no flukes. Oh wait, they are flukes.[/quote]

Flukes–the ones who designed Rubbery men to blend in seamlessly with ordinary humans. Expert politicians, them.

You are being sarcastic, aren’t you?

For one, there were so, so many… prototypes.

Failbetter, I hate you with a passion.

In real life, I have an extreme fondness of cats, an enormous love for science and the Rubbery Men are my favorite faction.

In terms of character. My character is a university professor who is an honorary cat and a silverer who fights daily against the Fingerkings, and who lives among Rubbery Men (He married one and is a bit of a shapeling himself).

I cannot possibly be expected to choose. You cannot give me three options this good in one year.

This is the candidate I’ve been waiting for the chance to vote for since I got here.

He’s got my vote.

Yes, the inspired choice…

Heh. I was kind of right that the last candidate would be Railway-related, but I definitely didn’t expect them running on a platform of avantgarde art!

I have to say that this is kind of a hard choice for me. Art × dreams × science are what defines me in the Neath and out of it. On the other hand, Shapeling art seems too postmodern for my tastes, I tend to sympathise with the Fingerkings in dreams and I prefer my science to be more esoteric than societally and technologically progressive. So while the themes I am very much into, the candidates somewhat less so. (Mind you, all three I think are very good and well defined so far, my character just would choose different representatives).

I will probably wait and see what each of them says and does during the Election itself before committing, but at this moment Mme. Gebrandt is the most likely to get my vote.

Congratulations to the artist for making the candidate look utterly nonhuman… and smiling. Heck, I have no idea whatsoever how he can possibly smile, but it’s there, somewhere.