The Spider-Council. (potential spoilers)

Just had this action come up when I logged in:

&quotThe Spider-Council&quot
&quotExcuse us. We need to do a tiny bit of record-keeping. What happened beneath the Silken Chapel?&quot
I had found that when I played through quite some time ago, that storyline ended abruptly and somewhat disappointingly. (especially as it seemed to prevent me from obtaining an Accomplishment I encountered elsewhere.) I answered the question honestly, but with the way the action is worded… perhaps I’ll have another chance to properly encounter the Spider-Council once more?


I also just received this query. It arrived (strangely) directly after I finished inviting a friend to the Private Rooms in the House of Chimes. After the episode, I spent some minute trying to find a reference to how high Arachnologist could currently go, for mine is now 4.

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Likewise. Did anyone answer (and echo) that they ran away and set the Chapel afire?

I answered (honestly, and that was quite a bit of journal-searching) that I killed the thing.

I did notice that the success result for slaying it indicated that there might well be other spider-councils out there. It will be interesting to see where this is going.

You too? Thank God!
I thought it was just me that was this obsessively pedantic.

I chose the Chapel-fire option. It is Echoed in my journal.

Cool, thank you. Was tour Arachnologist quality updated? Or any qualities, in fact

Cool, thank you. Was tour Arachnologist quality updated? Or any qualities, in fact[/quote]
That option sets Arachnologists to 3.

I killed the Council the first time around, but I’m super-tempted to retcon that I burned the chapel 'cause I think that fits my character better.

It’s a good thing the first option included “you don’t remember,” because I absolutely didn’t!

I can’t quite recall having an option to either slay the beast or burn down the chapel. Does anyone remember when you had to make that choice?

Investigating the Silken Chapel gives you Arachnologist 1, which unlocks the Spider-Council storylet (which is where you make the choice; previously both options gave Arachnologist 2). Both appear in Wolfstack.

Alright, could somebody go over the a brief summary of what happened in that storylet? It’s been such a long time that I honestly can’t remember what I did. I know that this technically means I should hit the first option, but I’m a stickler for exactitude.

i couldnt remember either, and didnt think of looking if i echoed it, but i went for running away, because that seems more likely to have been my choice…

ugh, though, does all this mean there’ll be more spider-councils coming for us?? concerning thought: are vendettas a thing that spiders do? do they protect their own? wha t if the fire didn’t kill it and it is coming for me now? shit.

The short version is that you were poking around Wolfstack Docks looking into where all the sorrow spiders were coming from and why they were stealing eyes. You found out. In the process, you came face to face with a Spider-Council, and had the options of killing it, running like the blazes, or trying to talk your way out (which never works). Either way you’ve likely disrupted the ecology of the Docks by messing with a major sorrow spider nest.

I too couldn’t recall… I’m still debating which choice to make. Either one seems like something that I would do. I think might character might slay it, but my reaction would be to run screaming and then douse the entire building in glimering lamp fuel and torch it.
On this note, there is no good way to search through one’s journal, is there?

You can change what echo you’re starting from in the url: I got lucky and my killing the Spider council was only 2 pages back from 500 (hence 520) -

So noone chose to flee? I applaud my fellow monster slayers, but it’s a shame we can’t see the text for having burned down the place instead.

Thank you!!
I apparently never echoed the conclusion, but I did have a nice time revisiting some of my nightmares and other such episodes.

Edit - I went with saying I slew it, which seemed most accurate. I wonder how the choices will change the future story because, I have to say, the image of a charred and disfigured spider council seeking you out for vengeance is dreadfully delicious.
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Raise your hand if, like me, you were telling the truth when you tried to talk your way out of it, and later got chills when you found out exactly how fortunate it is you were able to run away…