The Seraphinian Society does not exist, Part II.

(Thanks phryne for the text below! Same rules still apply.)

The first rule of the Seraphinian Society: we don’t talk about the Seraphinian Society… etc.

&quotScholars, like any other people, love gossip. They have their in-jokes, their legends, their scandals. One legend that will always crop up in conversation whenever scholarly sorts engage in social interaction (which happens more frequently than most people think) is the Seraphinian Society. This mysterious private-members’ club is supposed to consist of the most forward-thinking eccentrics and madmen, -women, and -beings in all of the Neath. Some say it was founded by a tiger. According to myth, the Society meets once a year, on the 7th of December, on the remote island of Codex in the far North of the Unterzee…&quot

Welcome to the Seraphinian Society! (You are not really here.)
We (not Old Chimes’ place) are the Neath’s most exclusive private-members’ club; but that doesn’t mean we’re posh! We do not restrict entrance for silly reasons like having the wrong profession, gender, age, species, number of tentacles or souls. We don’t even care about your bank account or Notability. We’re only interested in what you KNOW!

[b][u]The Ascended:

[/u][/b]Alexis Kennedy[i] (Worshipful Master and Rhadamanthine Sentinel of the Great Work)
He’s the reason we’re here. If we’re here. We’re not really here, of course. But still, it’s nice here.

[/i]Spacemarine9 [i](Master Hermetic Philosopher, Grand Superintendant of Works)
Lots of lore and gazillions of rats. Now a part of the establishment.

[/i]an ocelot (Sublime Mistress of the Secret Vaults)
Helpful hand behind countless memberships, including phryne’s. Thank you!

NiteBrite (Heptavalent Eminence and Septentrional Authority)
The Curious Clothier. Discoverer of the Heptagoat. Stuff of legends. Meet them on the Sunless Sea!

The Correspondents’ Lounge i[/i]
Maxwell Bradford (The Grand Inspector, Pursuivant of Truth)
The Sun-Scorched Sailor (Supreme Monitor of the Gate, Knight of the North and South)

8, A Rubbery Poet, Aardent Lore, Adimarch, Aelitta, Aestrith, Agro, Aiza MoorAlice Graham, Alice Lutwidge, Alzar, amalgamate, Amaranth the Liar, Amets Estibariz, An Individual, Anagram, Anarchetype, Andy Haynes, Andz, Arandia, Arcanuse, Arden Saint-Just, Areinhe, Arensen, Aria Anderson, Arthur Galliva, Arthur L., Arzei, ashdenej, AudunJ, avapepper, Azoth I, Belvedere Grimke, BalefirePhoenix, , Black Tom, Blackleaf, Bunnyapocalips, Call Now, Captain Stormfield, Carragon, Catcliffe, Cattus Schroedingeris, Cavorite, Charles Gerard de Talleyrand, Charlotte de Witte, chartinboy, checkmate, Cleomenes Saxe-Weimar, Colin Sapherson, Cutlerine, Cybex, Daedalus_Falk, Daniel Ember, Daniel Vaise, Darkroot,DavidJ, Dean Lee,Derram, Despot, dioscuris, Diosthenes, djcooland, DjoramJ, Drake Dynamo,DuffoureElduin, Edouard Philippe, edward frost, Elizabeth Lynnette, Emmaline Anders, Ewan C, ezstar, Fadewalker, Flounder the Founder, FlynnEldariel, fortluna, Frensus, Gallmarch, GauntYeti , Gideon Stormstrider, Gorm Osborg, GregM, Haedrin, Halcyon Daze, Hammond, hellaGummy, Henry Lamperouge, Hieronymus Drake, honeyaddict, Hotshot Blackburn, Illuvatar, imeja, Insatiably Yours, Insularis, Ivy Chandler, Jeremiah Oathes, Jeremy Avalon, John Clavering, John Faustus, jsh-hk, Kazimierz Kolanowski, Knave of Spades,Laethiel, Kitty Schroedingeris , Lady Alyssana Grey, Lady Taimi Felix, Leonard Knight, Leonard Of Quirm, lmaoboat, Loiathal, Lolwolfking, Lord Crumbledon, Lord Ivastus, Lord Norjan Lux Kiel, Mad3moiselle, Magmethius, Màiread, Maria Bishop, Martin Walker, Maxwell Q Tenebris, Metaconcert, Miguel de Smith, Mike Hawk, MiloMinoMoe, mindpalace, minecreatr, Miracle Max, Mordenn, Mr Forms, Nathaniel Sterben, Nigel Overstreet, Noah Rache, Nyarllathotep, Oguretz, Omega8520, OmniOne, Ozymandias, Parelle, phauks Phoenyx Amarantyne, PsychicNRG, qwints,RadiatedImp,rahv7, ReusedNPC, Ridagoth, RobDaVinci, Robin Alexander, Rozlyn Price, Saint Toad , Saklad5, Salaxalans, Sallygrisson, Samuel Perryman, Saren Pendragon, Schnikeys, Scienceandponies, Scytale, Sebastian Olmen, September Holmwood, Shandy Dandar, Silverias, Sir Joseph Marlen, slapchops, Spartezda, submoon, surreyjack, Szadovar, Tay1or, Telmarin, Teresa Lin, The Artist, The Bard, The Dark Gentleman, The Inquisitive Colonist, TheMinionGM, The Mirthless Colonist,The Smiling Captain The Thirteenth Master Of The Bazaar ,Theron Urie, Treadwheel, Tystefy, Vali Oftanna, Valiant,VeryPeeved,Vincent Åsmund ,Voxus walnutjk, will408914, Wilmott, wow wow,Xenia Torviana,yaseanne, Yoru Okami, Ysrthgrathe, Yves Devereux, Zantumall, Zarhon zephir, zephyr15, Zolana

Full Membership i[/i]
Allanon Kisigar, Amélie Vaincoeur, Anemone Joestar, Avaia, Cap Zosma, caytoma, Chris Fenton, Coldblade, curious fellow, DeathMetalUnicorn, Dedivax, ellyjellybean, Emmy Buchman, Gabrielle Benoit, Gangvann, Gentleman Strange, Howard John Abrahall, Ignatus Stone, Inevitable Gremlin, Inthrall, Jasper Sinkia, Jernik, Jessena Hawk, kimoliodon, KytherM, Lavenia Nethersole, Lord Reinhardt Siegfried, lucid seraph, Mad-Sweeney, Marianne Anders, mooloor, nedemmons, okmujnyhb, Persephone, Richard Eleison Shadowhand, Solphage, sophosmentis, Suitov, The False Duke Blackwood, thewchan42, Toddland, Trokair, Twoflower, Verity Flyte, vqaeola, Wilson Vetenari

Basic Membership

Anton Deveaux, Daniel Redwood, Dirae Erinyes, Donovan Sionnach, EnigmaticVixen, Estelle Knoht, Jack Blackstone, jamilah, Leraika, liebe6, M Wolventide, mcmemerson, Menaulon, Morucant, Mr Mercutio, NatalieHarmonia, NinjaComedian, Regas, Romulus Arcana, Shank199, SunnyTime,
The Viric Voice, Vual

The House of Asterion
Amanda Albright, Asclepius Unbound, Askebaske, Benthic , Calembredaine, Cocytus, Corvonero, Dima Lazarev, Docteur, Emain Ablach, Galatea LaChance, Garcher, Guy Scrum, Guy Wegener, Lord Henry Tigerdrawers-Pip, Luri Levin, Mad3moiselle mango321, Maricolousa, MayExist, mp, Passionario, Sir Alasdere Langlais, spacecatte, suinicide, Teaspoon, Teiyra, The Silent Vake Hunter

Everyone with Ambition: Enigma 1 is eligible for Basic Membership. The &quotTlönics&quot, as they are fondly called, are allowed entrance to the Voynich Foyer, where they can mingle with Uqbarians and pester them with questions. Tlönics are never ridiculed nor looked down upon as all senior members have once been Tlönics themselves – however, Tlönics rarely receive satisfying answers to their questions. More often, they are left with more questions, or riddles within riddles, while the Uqbarians hasten away, talking among themselves and giggling madly.

An Uqbarian, basically, is everyone with Ambition: Enigma 2. They are given Full Membership and use of the Library of Babel. This library consists of every book that has been removed from all other libraries on or under the world on the grounds of being called obscene, uncouth, corruptive, conjectural, hare-brained, absurd, or preposterous; for spreading outright lies or plain madness; or any combination of the above. Apparently, this constitutes the Society’s take on improving literature.

Only Uqbarians with a B___k-P___t_d E__s___l are allowed entrance to the Correspondents’ Lounge, where no word is spoken. The waiters here are rubbery people, or sapient animals incapable of speech. In the Correspondents’ Lounge, the Neath’s most exceptional academics and lunatics are looking for Answers to Questions — though some are just looking for a really devastating joke, with a punchline to shake the universe. The &quotImponderables&quot correspond only by notes written in violant, gant, or irrigo ink. Not many Answers make it out of the Lounge as they are often forgotten, or burnt to ash, within seconds. Imponderables are notoriously unable to make themselves understood in conversations with anyone who is not an Imponderable.

No one ever speaks of those inducted into the House of Asterion; but the Grand Inspector remembers their names and on Dec 7 performs the Rites of St Joshua in their honour, looking North…

[i]To become a member, just post in this thread (or send me a PM) with a link to your Profile displaying the necessary requirements on your Mantelpiece/Scrapbook.

Whenever a new piece of content is released, all Imponderables will be demoted to &quotnormal&quot Uqbarian status. The first person to solve the new puzzle will become the first new Imponderable, and gain a new unique and permanent officer’s title. The quality or item gained through the new content will then become the new unlocking mechanism for the Correspondents’ Lounge.

Membership levels may be renamed, and new tiers of membership status added, as and if new content is released. Or not.

If you would rather not appear on this list, send me a PM and your name will be discreetly removed.

[/i]If you have no idea what this thread is about, don’t worry: it’s nothing important. Ambition: Enigma is no key part of the game, it’s more like an easter egg for particularly dedicated/educated/degenerated players. You can safely ignore it.
Be aware that no discussion of A:E content, nor of how to find it, is allowed! The mods will lock this thread if anything too revealing is posted, and the guilty party will be banished to the Nadir! You can ask me for hints though, via PM here or in-game.

The Tiger is gone, but he’s not forgotten…

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They say she isn’t here, but she wants to be. There’s no hunger like not knowing, and nothing sates like denying another knowledge. And secret societies are so charming.

With an E__s___l in her left hand, and two questions in her ink-splotched right, Knave of Spades reclines in her parlour and awaits a letter she’ll never remember receiving.

It appears that knowledge i do not have and items i do not own have come to my possession, as can be seen here

There once was a Londoner named Lord Norjan, or maybe not. And perhaps, they knew things no one else should. Or maybe not.

That name was lost in the void between the stars, but we remember them fondly , and apologize for the belated greeting.

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A certain member of the Correspondents’ Lounge had shed their own identity like snakeskin, or put on another layer of masks:

The account recorded as Vavakx Nonexus is now known as Amets Estibariz.
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Hello! I have done everything to join the club. Will you accept me?

Greetings. Someone seems to have the requirements to join this exclusive club. That someone being me, of course.

I’ve since cracked the code, and, well, who can resist having it a bit acknowledged?

Good evening! GregM directs you to his Mantelpiece and Scrapbook. He still wants to PM someone about what is either a strange coincidence or not a coincidence at all.
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A voice to a mirror which neither is or will be: I request entrance for I know what cannot be known, disobey what should be obeyed and have found that what has seen no light. Irrigo isnt tangible but ill say it fits like clockwork on a wrist as voucher of possession.

Can i please be allowed entrance to the appropriate branche? My entry fee is displayed on my mantel piece. :-)
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Good evening all! The Lady Maria Bishop ( Bishop) aspiring Midnighter and keeper of secrets seeks entrance to the invisible cities, mirror-touched and maddened. Memory fades, obedience dies and what may seem to be the heart of a star is revealed to being something much simpler. (OOC, I’ve finished Enigma as it stands and for my profile, don’t click the link but copy the whole thing, the html misinterprets the space in my name as a terminator).
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I’ve got to get on this. I got to the colors. Just not sure what to do from there, in terms of where to enter the answers.

I would certainly like to join the society. A certain painted object is on my mantelpiece.
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Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, Captain. Congratulations.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Charles Gerard de Talleyrand has acquired some most interesting information and qualities that, to merely utilize on pieces in The Great Game for quixotic benefit, would be a crime against mystery too terrible to contemplate. I would seek to know better how we came to this place, through our mutual madness and persistence.[/color]

Just noticed that the link under my name points in a wrong direction.

It doesn’t matter much though, as I gave up the broken tool in exchange for a candle.

I’m amused by how many of us have to edit our posts (multiple times, in my case.) Congrats to those who got approved posts on the first attempt!

An assortment of things I do not have, don’t know, and didn’t do:

May I enter with Basic Membership?
My profile

Honeyaddict found The Item and has completed Enigma 2, it took me quite a while to figure out.
I’d like to thank those who gave me tips!
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