The Ravenous Lifeberg Returns


The entire front page of The Unexpurgated Gazette is dominated by a story paid for by the Admiralty. A lifeberg of unusual size and appetite has been spotted in the Salt Steppe, and appears to be headed for the city. Peppered amidst descriptions of the lifeberg’s indiscriminate eating habits are exhortations to ‘JOIN THE CITIZENS’ ARMADA’ and ‘DO YOUR PART’. Aren’t threats like this what the Admiralty is for?

A lifeberg has once again has sallied forth from the cold to take vengeance for its kin! You can track and bombard the Ravenous Lifeberg if you have a ship and at least one point in Monstrous Anatomy. Look for ‘Hunting the Beasts of the Zee’, accessible from the Cabin aboard your ship. The event will run until the lifeberg is destroyed, with rewards from the Admiralty available afterwards in Wolfstack Docks.


Soooo, who wants to let it reach London to find out what happens?


This lifeberg is almost twice as big as the previous one. I don’t think we’ll have to try, it will probably get further than the last one on its own.

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For those of us new to this: what stats should we aim to have before engaging with this?

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Honestly if they’re sentient enough to hate and grieve, I think it’s only honourable to let them come all the way to London so we can have a proper Black Ribbon duel to settle our differences.


Might teach those people a lesson.

Quite hilarious that I managed to get to this Quality description level while hunting a lifeberg.


Well it depends on how new you are. If the words Monstrous Anatomy mean anything to you, then I would say modified stats around 200. (Though the required stats will decrease as the Lifeberg makes its way towards London.) If they don’t, then just don’t worry about the event, as you cannot access it.

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I have an equipment for MA, but haven’t unlocked it yet. I’m finishing the godfall grind for Memories of Light (and money to convert to memories) to research my way to where I can get it (vague in case of spoilers), but my base stats are just… not there yet haha. (W136, S78, D113, P142) I do have gear that can get me to W182, S128, D156 and P212 and was wanting to know if those will likely be enough to succeed or if I should focus on continuing stories (i.e. lab research, early parabola, artistry in empress’s court) that will be more reliable and help get to 200 base stats.

I appreciate the help!!!

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I don’t believe that MA from equipment counts for the purposes of the event, and those stats are a little low, so just keep progressing your normal stories! There’s always next time!

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Will do! Thanks so much for the advice!

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It is more efficient to dock at the Copper Quarter (Khan’s Heart), then hunt the lifeberg as many times as you wish from there, it’s a short distance away. Anytime your Troubled Waters gets dangerously high, go back to Copper Quarter so it resets to zero, then continue again.

The only caveat is that you might have something important to do back on mainland London, and can’t do this indefinitely. Or you might actually want to drown, for whatever perverse reason…

It also helps to be a Monster Hunter, and have a wardrobe slot filled with items that boost Zeefaring. Maybe the Zubmarine helps a bit too, but that’s very random and situational.


You don’t really need Monstrous Anatomy for this one. I’ve been playing on my lowbie alt, whose stats are all lower than 200 (some of them considerably lower) and she has been doing fine. If you can get to the Salt Steppes without anything untoward happening you’ll be okay.

The Dangerous check for attacking the creature has no negative consequences other than wasted actions so I’ve been hammering away at that. Seems to me that the fancier options only save you actions. As FishandChips suggests, I’ve been darting back to the Khanate whenever Troubled Waters gets a bit high, it is only three cards away for me.

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I know that’s probably been answered in previous hunts’ threads, but is there a point going out hunting when you’re an endgame player? In terms of items/EPA, I mean. I’m assuming the actual profits would be from the turnins for Valorous Deeds at the end, is that correct?


The turn-ins at the end look to be about 2 EPA by my maths, but Airag, Crackling Devices, and Ivory Organza are probably useful in their own right. The rewards from each individual fight are, according to the wiki “up to 45 echoes” for 8-10 actions, but I haven’t been tracking what I’m actually receiving to know how close to that I am (but the Emetic Revelation per fight are handy for the Khanate).

EDIT: Checking the output per encounter I’m getting 23.5 echoes worth of reward, which is about half the wiki maximum.


You in fact do need Monstrous Anatomy for this one, as the option in Hunting the Beasts of the Zee requires a point of base MA to start the activity.

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Not EPA-related, but if you are ardently seeking self-admiration, these are some of the better events to boost your Hunter of Zee Beasts at a couple of actions fewer per level than the usual crocodile hunt (at least in the early stages of the pursuit).


My apologies, I didn’t realise that. I thought the MA option during the hunt itself was what was being referred to.


Monster Hunters with 18 MA could finish a hunt in 6 AP without any problems and the maximum payout at 230 Watchful is 44.75E. Now you need more AP to finish it, but MH can finish it in 7 AP while taking the risky approach.

So best EPA was ~7.46. On top of this you need to manage zee menaces which depends on your Zee gear, but you enjoy higher profits with piracy.

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If maximizing EpA is your only goal, best way is to ride your worm and grind mammoths / play Hearts’ Game. Question is how many years you could do it. For my sanity I join any seasonal activitiy including lifebergs.
It’s not a bad profit too, at least in 1st phase (which is over). But my character has 18 MA, Monsterhunter profession, enough zeefaring for 100% checks, troubling waters reduction, etc. Your mileage may vary, as well as your ingame goals.


I couldn’t agree more! And let’s not forget about the vanity quality you can increase. All these with a nice profit for endgame players!