The Ravenous Lifeberg Returns

The berg moved to Shephard’s Wash, requires more AP to finish a hunt. Thanks to Discord, here’s the reward which… which isn’t that attractive. But I’ll let you decide!


I feel quite conflicted. On one hand, the rewards aren’t nearly as useful and it takes much longer to complete one hunt now that it’s in Shepherd’s Wash. On the other hand, it’s my sworn duty as Fist of the Bazaar to safeguard London and to get those sweet sweet Valourous Deeds. On my third, Shapeling Arts-added hand, I really want to find out what happens if it reaches London.


Is the lowering of EpA concomitant with the Lifeberg’s approach to London perhaps meant to drive away endgame-forum using players, to make way for lower stat players who are advantaged both by easier zailing checks in Shepherd’s Wash and by not minding a lower EpA?
I realize no one can really answer, it’s more of a wondering out loud situation. If there was a definitive answer in the positive to this question though, I would probably lay off the lifeberg’s back and let others have some fun with it. As it stands I’ll keep chipping away at it for the little profit to be made as well as roleplay reasons. (I feel warm and fuzzy being part of a CITIZEN’S ARMADA)

Later edit: checking my post for spelling I realized I find it hilarious that Fallen London has gotten me to the point where I treat a piece of “homicidal geography” as a valuable resource subject to a kind of tragedy of the commons :joy:


I have added my pleasure yacht to the Citizen’s Armada, and it will indeed be a pleasure, my heart’s desire even, to keep this beastie from my city.


It just wants to be where the people are! Let it into your hearts, and into your city.


If you’re cold, it’s cold! Even if you’re not cold, it’s cold, 'cause it’s an iceberg.


It’s the first time I actually got to participate in the Lifeberg event and now it looks as though the great conclusion will happen tonight while I’m asleep :frowning: .

Was there a sort of finishing storylet or epilogue in the earlier events? Or did players who weren’t online during the conclusion just log in and find the Lifeberg gone?

This is my first Lifeberg too, but the only epilogue I am aware of is turning in your valorous deeds at Wolfstack for prizes. I think it’s available until you spend all of them.

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…then they’re actually a kind of frozen candles?


Even if you were there during the conclusion, I believe the lifeberg was just gone at some point.

Huh, that’d be somewhat anticlimactic.

There’s less than 1000 Remaining Mass, and it’s still stuck in Shepherd’s Wash. I thought it would at least reach Home Waters at the very end.

… and it’s gone. Deeds can be turned in now.

RIP, hateful Lifeberg. We hardly knew ye.